Thursday, August 5, 2010

Massachusetts... Here We Come, and Thanks for All the Fish

This weekend, Period Girls and us are heading out on a 2 day, 2 show trip up to the beautiful state of Massachusetts, where the Sam Adams flows and the Red Sox continue to forgive Bill Buckner.

We're playing Saturday at John Doe Jr. Records w/ Young Leaves and Snow White in Greenfield, MA. On Sunday, we're playing at The Butcher Shop in Allston, MA with a shit ton of bands. Both shows are all-ages as far as I know. Thanks to a select few of helpfuls for helping us and Period Girls out on these shows.

So if you're looking to get away, want to skip out on your coincidental family vacation to Massachusetts, or wanna tell your New English friends, please do all of the above four things.

Thanks also to everyone who came out to Asbury Lanes last night and watched, chatted, bought stuff, had a drink, or told an obscure joke with us and the other bands of merry men and women.

Ok, Goodbye!

Ok, wait! I'm putting the 6 CD set "The Complete Peel Sessions" from The Fall onto ITunes through CD, and my computer is freezing. I am now mad and think I will take out the garbage to vent. Punk Rock keeps on giving and giving.

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