Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making the most of an unseasonably warm Saturday

Yes, the title of this blog will one day be the title of our rarely read, scantily published memoir. (publisher's note: no such book is in the works).

Today we demoed 5 songs from our upcoming 12 song "yet to be named" LP that we're going to be recording at the end of March at the Hunt Studio with master of the 29 track, Eric Bennett. Today, we recorded with the master of the home studio, Eric Gieg at his Vhit Huse studio. Here's some action shots.
Kit says, "F the BS"

Eric Gieg mentors Steve on how to grow the perfect beard.

Eric plays a gut-wrenching song to a chair.

4th take of vocals by special guest star.

These demos may see the light of day some day. But for now, let's mix 'em. Will be done by the beginning of March after some personal endeavors, so we can stress over them in group therapy.

Also, we'll be out and about for Kit's b-day weekend. Come out and say congrats on getting older to her and the rest of us as well.

2/24 @ Barclay House- Baltimore, MD
2/25 @ Church of Abraham- Richmond, VA

updates on tours, 7'' and LP recording, and general BS comin' shortly.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brick Mower - Weaving

Hey Champs. Got some stuff to watch, if you're eyes are getting dry. Here's a live video of us out in Ithaca, NY at The Space @ Greenstar from a week and some change ago. Looks like we're playing a death lair. Thanks Joe for posting this.

Also, our good compatriots Black Wine have put out this killer video for "Through the Foam" directed by Kate Sweeney which, unfortunately for us, was recorded while we were playing up in Ithaca doing that performance above. So hence, we are not extras. However, props to Miranda for wearing a very familiar and sharp looking t-shirt, if I do say so myself.

Also, for those in the south of NJ area of the USA, we'll be playing 2/24 @ Barclay House in Baltimore, MD and on 2/25 @ Church of Abraham (house, not church) in Richmond, VA. Hope to see yous'ses there.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Groundhog is Pissed...


OK, let's get serious a minute here folks. We here at Brick Mower don't actually know whether the groundhog saw his shadow this year or not. Frankly, a quick google search would have turned up this info. Instead, this gnarly Veitnam era groundhog was googled, and we're happy with that.

NOW, last night we did a live set on WRSU 88.7 FM for Rutgers college radio. TAdd Videohanks to Jared and Jeff Pape for having us, and having us in the studio for one ridiculously rambling interview. Should be up online soon. Oi.....

Also, this Monday we'll be at Rehab in New Brunswick with Traveling (Ginger from Good Luck's new band), Lauren Measure, Dads, and Tiny Teeth. Be there by 6:30. Catch the show. Catch a wave. Catch the drift. AND catch the rising stars....

So yeah. Someone actually spent money on that. Probably A LOT of money.

Also, our much blogged about, sporadically asked about 7'' Why are We Doing This?, just got the green light from us after the test press came in. SO, record collector's, get your grubby paws ready. The 7'' should be out next month.

Finally, we're doing a tour out to the mid-west in April. Here's the plan so far (some dates might be added before hand).

4/12- TBA in Brooklyn, NY
4/13- The Depot- York, PA
4/14- Dag House- Cleveland, OH
4/15- TBA- Detroit, MI
4/16- Ground Zero- Milwaukee, WI w/ Big Eyes
4/17- TBA- Chicago, IL
4/18- TBA- Bloomington, IN
4/19- TBA- Cincinnati, OH
4/20- Ace's High- Logan, WV
4/21- TBA- Pittsburgh, PA

Who knew there were so many venues named TBA across the country?

And finally for now, still on track to record our 7'' with Black Wine in March. Then, 3 weeks later in March we'll be doing the next record. 12 songs on that slab to get your through this apocalyptic summer.

Later beach bums.

2/6- Rehab- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Traveling, Lauren Measure, Dads, Tiny Teeth

2/10- The Loft- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Secret Photos, The Grains

2/24- Barclay House- Baltimore, MD w/ Crimes, + more

2/25- Church of Abraham- Richmond, VA w/ Trust Fall, Dial

3/16- TBA (the best venue on earth)

3/17- TBA (the second best venue on earth)