Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leaving for Tour. Don't throw out my stuff.

Hey folks. Bye.
We’re heading out for a short US trek to the mid-west and back. Here’s a flyer for it all. (also, a "shows" section's been added to the right side of this blog, so you can check that for additional info).

We kick things off tonight at The Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ. It’s one of the last The Tea and Whiskey shows, so make it out. Or better yet, make-out, just not in front of me.

Also, for this show tonight, and for the tour we’ll have an new cassette tape we’ll be gallivanting around with, in hopes of some extra gas and coffee money. The tapes are limited to 30 and come with download codes, so you can have your songs and sell it on ebay. If you want a tape, and can’t make it to a show, give us a holler and we’ll put one aside for you. It sorta looks like this.

I say sorta because, it's slang for "sort of," and because my scanner ain't scannin' like it used to. So don't kill us. Please... don't. No seriously. Don't kill us.

Eye think that's it.

Friday, April 6, 2012

NEW LP in the works!

Hey folks. What's going on? Not much? Cool. That's good. My patchwork telepathy is causing me to hear apathetic answers to my general question. This of course is a bullshit statement.

So, this past weekend we finished recording basic tracks to our 2nd LP which we're calling My Hateable Face (aka LP2; 12 More Tunes). It'll be out sometime in late summer, early fall (we hope). This slab of tunes is a load of 12 songs in just over a 1/2 hour. Featuring such hits as "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," "Light My Fire," "Wouldn't It Be Nice," and "Paint It Black," this album is so incredibly ...... Oh wait, no those are other people's songs. Nevermind. We did not record songs named that. But, here's some action shots from the studio.

That's a bass lying on the floor.

That's a tape machine, another tape machine, and a bunch of preamps and compressors that may or may not be functioning at the time of this picture (most are not based on the lack of cables in the patch bay). And that's all the inside visual scoop you can get because we're bad at working cameras under the duress of recording.

So, yeah. We're finishing up backing vocals and then venturing into the process of mixing this monstrosity, mostly in the key of D and E.

Also, tomorrow night we're playing in Washington DC at Casa Fiesta with Spook Houses, LVL Up, an Foozle. Check it out, senators.

Also, we'll be playing Treasure Fest in Charlotte, NC on Friday May 18th @ Lunchbox Records. It's gonna be rad. Our buds Black Wine and Hooking Up are playing with us the same night/same place. We'll also be doing a couple show down there on the east coast and couple back. Check that too, if you want.


As reported earlier, we'll be releasing a split 7'' with Black Wine before our summer tour. This will see the light of a new dawn rising in June. The cover was drawn up by Daniela and Justin Fullam who we send a big thank you to. 2 songs by each band. Black Wine does "Pants" with Devo's "Freedom of Choice." We do "Shitty Parade" with Gaunt's "Jim Motherfucker." Details forthcoming.

Yawn. Gasp. Goodbye for now. And thank you for listening/checking in.