Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finish Out the X-Mas Season @ McCormkick's!

Come out and celebrate your post holiday depression with a group of swell bands at McCormick's this Tuesday December 28th at McCormick's in New Brunswick, NJ. It's located at 266 Somerset St. Sorry, but it's 21+ which kind of sucks. Damn the MAN.

Also, Backpocket was supposed to play but were unable to so Black Wine is now stepping in to take their place.

Black Wine!
For Serious This Time (on tour from Long Island. Awesome band).
La Mowere' de Brricks
Sun Puddles (Erin from Full of Fancy, Tim from Backpocket, Eric from brick mower, Chris from general comedy).

And speaking of Black Wine, and Backpocket, we'll be going out with both bands on seperate weekends starting in January. But more on that later. Hope to see you there, and hope all your new sweaters your aunt got you fit nicely.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In the Can

Hey all. So we finished up recording our full-length this past weekend during a couple of marathon sessions. Through the good graces of Eric Bennett, we were able to hammer down 11 songs into the artery of history. Hopefully, we didn't hit too much fatty tissue.

Now we gotta get this sucker mastered and see what's going to happens with this. We're hoping to have it out in March, around when we might be heading south to explore some unvisited regions of America with our implements of rockin' noise. But again, we shall see.

Here's some very few pictures from the weekend:

Yea, those weren't exciting at all. Well such is the nature of the beast when you only have a camera phone because band members like to borrow family-owned cameras and loose them in sock drawers and under car seats. Speaking of camera phones, here's a picture from one. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RECORDING weekend & FREE stuff

Hey gang,
So the time is upon us all. No, it's not 2012. It's time to record the full-length. Yup, that's right. If you've been following this, or talked to one of us, you may recall our calender plans for this weekend. We're going into the Hunt Studio to record with Eric Bennet, who did records for such awesome rib-stickin' bads... oppps, I mean bands, such as Black Wine, Screaming Females, Full of Fancy and more. So,that's where we'll be if you need to reach us. And of course there are three good shows Fri., Sat., and Sun. that I wanna go see in Philly and NY, but duty calls. Bummer.


AND, if you haven't got it yet, our "Floors" EP is up for FREE download over at our bandcamp site. It's been out a little over a year, and if you haven't heard it yet you might as well have the tracks. But, if you're a nut like me and still want the physical release on CD, we still have that available too.

Download at:
(copy and paste this bad boy. The link option wasn't workin').

We'll keep you posted on more details. Plus, some nice stuff is shaping up for the New Year, including some early year tours, a new 7'' in the spring, and oh yea, that album I guess. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Takin' a Long Ride Down the NJ Turnpike and Back, and Back, and Back

Tomorrow, we kick off our December anti-tour. I say this because it is no tour at all. Merely, a clump of shows in three different states over 4 days (one of those states being the one we receive our mail in).

First off, tomorrow (Thursday) we’re playing Mojo 13 in Wilmington, DE w/ Cease the Day, as well as Time and Distance. Mojo 13 is at 1706 Philadelphia Pike and the show starts at 8. 21+

Friday, we’re at Savage Rock School (not Savage School of Rock as I keep promoting) in Blackwood, NJ. Show’s all-ages and we’re playing with Period Girls (no introduction), Beta Male John Wayne (Rapid Cities, Eric from uhhh… brick mower, ex-Serious Geniuses), Pajama Party, and Leo’s Tards. Show starts at 7. $5

Sunday, we finish things up at The Fire in Philadelphia. The Sidekicks from Cleveland will be there!!! Also, we have Dirt Farmer and THE DANGEROUS PONIES! Sweet deal. Show’s at 7. 21+ $7.

If you live down in the south jersey, Philly area come out if you want. Or stay in and put up your decorations. Make grandma proud.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Slappy Holidays

It's that time of year again. Yup, that's right. You can now buy a wide variety of egg nog flavors at your local grocery store. That is where you'll find me. And what's with these people who say they've never had egg nog? Is it you, perhaps? Shame is a hard quality to live with my friend.

So, on this first night of Hanukkah (or as one of my co-workers said "that Jewish thing". Whatta dumb piece of crap she is.), let me send an early holiday wish to the celebrators, the non-haters, and to the band Yo La Tengo who will never read this I'm unfortunately sure.

Looking forward through this hectic month of holiday bliss, we got some action heating up in the brick mower bullpen. Most importantly, we're going to be heading in to the Hunt Stuido with Eric Bennet in mid-December. We will be expelling 11 songs from the uterus of rock n roll onto the petri-dish of magnetic tape (shhhh... actually digital micro-chips. Analog rules, but not as much when you're broke).

And here's some shows we have lined up for the season to keep you and yours warm:

-12/9- Mojo 13 Wilmington, DE w/a cool band that dropped off the bill. Others will be there now who are probably cool too.
-12/10-Savage School of Rock- Blackwood, NJ w/Period Girls, Beta Male John Wayne, Lost Weekend
, +1.
-12/12- The Fire - Philadelphia, PA w/ The Sidekicks (OH), Dirt Farmer, The Dangerous Ponies
-12/28- @ a spot in New Brunswick w/ Backpocket, For Serious This Time (NY)

And if you want to pick up a gift for the band during this season of wintry bliss, I usually take XL shirts and like the game Simon, Kit takes a size 7 1/2 shoe and uses thick purple picks, and Steve takes big baking tins and 1.75 ltr bottle of Jack.