Tuesday, January 22, 2013

February East Coast Tour

Hello all reading this.  As the dodo bird once did, I assume (being a complete amateur of Ornithology), we too are headed south for the winter.... and then like more idiots, heading back up into the cold.  Anyway, here's how the date's are shaping up for February   We are currently looking to fill a few dates.  If you can be of any help, drop us a line at vikingoncampus@gmail.com 

-2/7- Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio  (Don Giovanni showcase- Night 1)

-2/9- Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5  (all ages)

-2/10- Richmond, VA @ The Church of Abraham

-2/11- Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone  (8 PM  21+)

-2/12- Greenville, SC @ Cabin Floor Records  (7 PM  all ages)

-2/13- Atlanta, GA @ Southern Air Temple  (8 PM)

-2/14- Valdosta, GA @ Ashley Street Station  (21+)

-2/15- Orlando, FL @ The Peacock Room (8 PM)

-2/16- Tampa, FL @ Hold Tight House (6 PM)

-2/17- Tallahassee, FL @ The Hidden Hand

-2/18- New Orleans, LA @ TBA  (HELP)

-2/19- Baton Rouge, LA @ Here Today Gone Tomorrow (7PM all ages)

-2/20- Jackson, MS @ TBA  (HELP)

-2/21- Russelville, AR @ Thurderdome Cavern

-2/22- Columbia, MO @ The Hairhole

-2/23- St. Louis, MO @ FUBAR Lounge

-2/24- Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn

-2/25- Cincinnati, OH @ TBA   (HELP)

-2/26- Philadelphia, PA

Email us if you need address and times to any of these shows too.   Hope to see you out there.

Also, this Friday, we're at Warehouse Motoclub in Middlesex, NJ for the Full of Fancy reunion show.  Doors at 6, w/ the Weird Fantasy band, and Nuclear Santa Claust.

More soon....

Monday, January 7, 2013

Unreleased Track out on New Digital Comp./FLYERS!

Hey guys.   On new year's day, Chicago's Artistic Integrity Records released a new digital compilation, complete with digital CD booklet.   We're proud to announce we are apart of this fantasticly packed comp. and you can get our unreleased cover of Sebadoh's "Ride the Darker Wave"    The comp. features features tracks from Mike Felmulee (Smoking Popes), Wide Angles, Dethwarrent, Das Kapital, and Kind of Like Spitting, among a bunch more from around the US, with a particular focus on Chicago bands.

It's awesome, and you can download it here.

Also announced, the line-up for the Don Giovanni Records Thursday night showcase @ Death by Audio in February!

February 7th
Death by Audio- Brooklyn, NY   8 PM  $8
w/ Nuclear Santa Claust, House Boat, California X, and Plastic Cross

ALSO, this Friday we're playing with Slutever, Tom Blacklung, and Alien Father at Cooler Ranch- New Brunswick, NJ   6:30 PM  $5 for the touring band.

Right on, Write off!

Take it easy, but not tooooo easy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye Old Year, Hello New Bullshit (2013 highlights to come)

Hey folks of the internet, and smart phone devices everywhere.  Maybe even some sort of digital tablet, you might say... or, you know... use.    Welcome to the first post of the year, one that's a breath of fresh air when looking back on some of the madness that was 2012, if you wanna measure it in full 365 day incriments.   We're stoked to say we've made it out alive, and hopefully you did too, especially if you're reading this.    

Anyway, thanks for taking the wild ride of 2012 with us.  Constantly feel like I'm thankin' everyone, but it is important, and more importantly, we do mean it.  Thanks to everyone who helped us get around this year, got us some grub on the road, and let us use their houses/apt/parent's places to sleep, shower, and... ummm... use the toilet.   HEY WE ALL GOTTA!   But seriously, THANK YOU!  You know who you are.

And thank you for picking up our LP that came out in October.  Good news is, it will continue to be available in 2013, as are most records that were released in 2012.

A small recap in pictoral memories first.
Here's a bunch of bullshit from our 9 day tour and this past weekend tour we just finished up.

 Mr. Kitty- Lexington, KY

UH-OH in Milwaukee

John Ford's Oscar for How Green Was My Valley   Watch it!

Smallest basement ever!

The Elsinores

 Kit's lunch for a week

Stormy, Steve's new street cat from Portsmouth, OH

That's how we spent most of our December, driving around in rainy weather, just dodging snow storms by days and laughing in the face of adversity... with soar throats and beer soaked guts. 

Also, to elaborate, finishing up this year, we did rescue above mentioned Stormy the cat while on tour in Portsmouth, OH.  He now lives with Steve, and spent the night sleeping in our merch box and riding to our MD show with us!  Thanks Stormy for the laughs, street wisdom, and for shitting in the litterbox, not the seat.

Finally, going forth in the new year..... THE PLANS.

1)Play shows
2)Make records
3)Eat decent food
4)all those things at the same time

We're pretty sure we can accomplish the first 3.   But we are playing some shows coming up this month with our friends Giant Peach from Long Island.  

1/17- Lulu's- Brooklyn, NY
1/18- Secret Art Space, Bethlehem PA w/ For Serious This Time, Peeple Watchin'
1/19- CT (?) 

Also, we're playing Cooler Ranch in New Brunswick, NJ with Alien Father and Slutever from Philly, on 1/11 @  7 PM

And we're playing the Full of Fancy reunion show, a benefit for those affected by nonsense storm Sandy. 


This show is gonna be so killer, it might just get 25 ta life.  ResXpect
Get there early.  It starts early.

Finally, we're doing a tour of the south in February and hitting the west coast in May and June.   We'll keep you posted on dates.  February dates will be up some time this week, and as always, your help is always appreciated getting some shows and with suggestions.  

We couldn't do it without you, and all the cool shit we saw and awesome new people we met and bands we played with are a testament to that.   Thanks.  See you this year.