Tuesday, January 22, 2013

February East Coast Tour

Hello all reading this.  As the dodo bird once did, I assume (being a complete amateur of Ornithology), we too are headed south for the winter.... and then like more idiots, heading back up into the cold.  Anyway, here's how the date's are shaping up for February   We are currently looking to fill a few dates.  If you can be of any help, drop us a line at vikingoncampus@gmail.com 

-2/7- Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio  (Don Giovanni showcase- Night 1)

-2/9- Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5  (all ages)

-2/10- Richmond, VA @ The Church of Abraham

-2/11- Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone  (8 PM  21+)

-2/12- Greenville, SC @ Cabin Floor Records  (7 PM  all ages)

-2/13- Atlanta, GA @ Southern Air Temple  (8 PM)

-2/14- Valdosta, GA @ Ashley Street Station  (21+)

-2/15- Orlando, FL @ The Peacock Room (8 PM)

-2/16- Tampa, FL @ Hold Tight House (6 PM)

-2/17- Tallahassee, FL @ The Hidden Hand

-2/18- New Orleans, LA @ TBA  (HELP)

-2/19- Baton Rouge, LA @ Here Today Gone Tomorrow (7PM all ages)

-2/20- Jackson, MS @ TBA  (HELP)

-2/21- Russelville, AR @ Thurderdome Cavern

-2/22- Columbia, MO @ The Hairhole

-2/23- St. Louis, MO @ FUBAR Lounge

-2/24- Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn

-2/25- Cincinnati, OH @ TBA   (HELP)

-2/26- Philadelphia, PA

Email us if you need address and times to any of these shows too.   Hope to see you out there.

Also, this Friday, we're at Warehouse Motoclub in Middlesex, NJ for the Full of Fancy reunion show.  Doors at 6, w/ the Weird Fantasy band, and Nuclear Santa Claust.

More soon....

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