Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Back On the Blacktop: A Holiday Metal Mix (and a TOUR tomorrow)

No... it's not a holiday metal mix.  It's just the title to this blog.

But like the rest of the title says, we, the brick mower foundation, are hitting the road to spread a little New Jersey cheer for the holidays.  And where are we going?   Well, get a load of this..... (below. look down.)

Check out that kid and his fucking whuppin' stick.

Yeah, that's where we'll be. Actually, that's a slight lie.  12/7 in Michigan has hit the skids, and we're now without a show. If by chance, you read this and can help between Cleveland and Chicago, get in touch with us via facebook or   

And for the rest of the dates, well here's where they're at:

12/5- Utica, NY @ The Dev
12/6- Cleveland, OH @ Mosh Eisley w/ Nona, All Dogs
12/7- HELP!
12/8- Chicago, IL @ Quenchers w/ brickfight, Rad Payoff
12/9- Springfield, IL @ The Black Sheep
12/10- St. Louis, MO @ Lemmons w/ Breakmouth Annie
12/11- Bloomington, IN @ The Owlery
12/12- Lexington, KY @ Al's Sidecar
12/13- Columbus, OH @ Dinotopia
12/14- Pittsburgh, PA @ 222 Ormsby

So there you have it then.  

Also, record update:  It's done being mixed. About to go to press. Whoa!

ALSO, MARK YOUR CALENDERS.  The DON GIOVANNI RECORDS Showcase for 2014 is up and announced. We'll be at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on February 8th w/ Black Wine, Priests, California X, and Screaming Females.  Get your tickets. They'll be online soon. 

Go to all 3 shows of the showcase. Go on. Don't be a stick in the mud. 

Also, also, big thanks to our buddies in Dinged Up, and everyone at Wallride Manor in Mayrland.  If you haven't heard Dinged Up, or aren't familiar with Wallride Records... please take the time.  DAMN! Quality, quality, quality.  Got to play two great shows with Dinged Up this past weekend, and we were beyond stoked!  

Well, that's it for now.  Gotta pack my toothbrush.  

Thanks everyone.