Monday, September 16, 2013

Hittin' the Studio....

Hey everyone.










If that didn't pump you UP!, then Mr. or Ms. Soulless wonder, I don't k now what will. So howdy to all who check in on this blog.  Managed to abandoned it for a month or so. What can we say? August got hot, and our sweaty fingers couldn't figure out how to work these keyboards.

SOOOO.... brick mower WILL be heading into the studio this weekend to record our followup LP to last year's My Hateable Face LP.  It'll have 10 or 11 tracks (or something like that) and we'll post some picture and the like as it happens.

Also, we've been kicking around the area after our month long tour that ended in June.  Should've posted about these earlier, but we ended up playing some pretty sweet shows at Boyd Park in New Brunswick with Black Wine, California X, Screaming Females with Chris Gethard as the gracious host this month. Also played a killer show at Ithaca College with Screaming Females and Speedy Ortiz.  Thanks a ton to Joe and Zach at Don Giovanni for setting up the Boyd park show last week, and for everyone who came out and braved the sun.

Here's some Boyd park pictures:

Boy, what a rush. 

Also, here's a cool video someone posted of us playing our new song, "Georgia Glass," in Minot, ND. This was mere hours before we attempted to drive all night to Missoula, but got eaten alive by blinding mountain fog at 4 am.  Best gas station nap of our lives!

Take care for now.  More news to come- brick mower lives.