Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SAD HOUSES video premiere

Hey gang.  Been sometime yet again. Whelp, had a nice summer did ya? Well that's just swell.

SO anyways, we are still firin' away. Got some upcoming shows this FALL and KG and I are currently wood shedding a whole new batch of songs. WHAT? Yeah, we just put out a record earlier this year but there's a whole new one written. C'mon, that's just dumb you say. Well, maybe you're on to something. So that should be out before 2019 or 2021 for sure barring any horrific natural disasters.

OH and OUR NEW VIDEO for the song "Sad Houses" came out recently.  Check it out here:

You can also read this rad write up of it on NOISEY, if you're into rad write ups. I have to say they kinda hit the nail on the head. Thanks Noisey. 

This gem was directed by our good pal Brendan Mcknight over the summer. A nice little suburban overture to take you guys and gals into the dreaded autumn. I like autumn so back off... Arrgghhh (wields rubber knife for effect. end scene).

Anyway, when I'm not typing things like arrggh, I'm further explaining the video. Brendan shot this in and around the town of Keansburg, NJ where some of us reside (note the now infamous Teenage Graceland back cover structure making its 2nd video appearance in the background!). Big thanks also to Frankie Caputo for editing this for us, Colleen Kamen for her killer acting, Brian Truchan for getting glass stuck in his foot running around in costume, Christopher Brown for somehow finding us in the woods and smokin cigs, and Abbey the dog. 

Okay. That's that.  Anyways, enjoy the big show, which is like life or something like it. Check the link on the side for some upcoming shows we're working on. Sooooo loooooooooooooong.