Thursday, September 20, 2012

LP Pre-order is up!/ Tour update

Hello dwellers of the cyber world.   How goes it?  

We're proud, with chest out-puffed, and facial expressions delightfully pained, to announce that our My Hateable Face LP is now  up for pre-sale as of today!

You can order a copy of the LP here....  today!     Orders ship out on or around the October 2nd release date!

ALSO, for you nerds stuck in the past, a cassette version of the LP is available for pre-order from John Wilkes Booth Records, today!

You can order a copy of the LP on cassette here... today!   Whoa!  Wow!

Here's a new track from the LP.   We've entitled it "Stuttering"

 Yup, that was "Stuttering"

Check the side of the blog for all of our show updates.   Still a few more in the works.  Hey, New Orleans and Ohio.  We're lookin' at you.

More comin' and a comin' soon.