Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tour Wrap-Up, ughhh y'know

Hey y'all,

So we just got home from tour this morning. Rob and Marty of Silent Way drove through the night and got us back to New Brunswick at around 10:30 this morning. A fucking fantastic triumph in the face of withering human stamina if you ask me. So here's a breakdown of the brick mower/Silent Way tour (5 people, 2 bands, 1 van, 5 clogged toilets).

-1st day, Saturday. Drove out of NJ through the Nor'easter. The van got pushed across 3 lanes of traffic on the Driscoll Bridge, 20 minutes from our house. Crisis averted. Played Charm City Arts Space in Baltimore. We were all stiff, tired, and not drunk at all.

-2nd day, Sunday. Show in Raliegh, NC canceled. Spent the day hanging out in MD. Took a walking tour of Greenbelt, MD, and it was actually really cool. Residents may follow up that comment with the hackneyed, "NOT," but we beg to differ. Also, "NOT" is not funny at all, so don't say it Greenbelt residents. Do some reasearch on the town. Pretty cool.

-3rd day, Monday. Drove 6 hours to Greenville, SC. Good show at The Hangar. Nice people, three dogs, and a cat. Opted not to stay overnight and began gunning it to Nashville to crash overnight. A rock slide on I-40 put a crimp in the plans. Ended up being pulled over in SC, too. Marty gets a "warning" from a cop, for speeding. Is this punk rock? I don't know anymore. Slept in the van at a Tennesse rest area. Sharp back pains, and wickedly maniacal dreams. Youch.

-4th day, Tuesday. Arrived in St. Louis after a total of 15 hours driving. 3 hour detour from rock slide. Given the stink eye at very backwoods Kentucky supermarket. Stayed at this awesome fella, Mike's house. Got us beer and gave great hospitality. Played a great set to 3 people and the bartender. WEE-Waghhm. Slept on Mike's floor. Blankets scarce, and living room supremely chilly. Bad combo.

-5th day, Wednesday. Drove through fucking nothing America. Got to Dekalb, IL around 5 pm where we got Burritos and played The Space. Awesome place, good people. St. Patrick's Day can be fun even if you're Polish. Hit the road and went to Chicago suburbs, where we all stayed with Marty's parents. QUEEN SIZE BED, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

-6th day, Thursday. Took a tour of Chicago. Loaded up on records. Saw the Oprah studios!!! That's right, ma. Oprah. Read it and weep. Played Ronny's with Granny Frost and Sass Dragons. Best show of tour perhaps. Those guys rule as, not only bands, but people. Give them hugs when you can.

-7th day, Friday. In the car for 8 hours driving to Ohio. Played Jackie O's in Athens, OH to minimal crowd. Home brewed, high alcohol beer make night so fun, even the vomit showed up to hang out. Free pitas given to Silent Way and brick mower to help wash down said vomit. Yum. All-night drive through West Virginia, MD, PA, and into NJ.

-8th day, TODAY. Silent Way and brick mower take turns punching each other in the face, claiming they hate each other's guts and hygiene habits. I still wear the same pair of socks since last Saturday. Delirium turns into hugs, and jokes no one understands. Home is where the shart is.

Below are some pics from the tour. Hope you enjoyed reading this dumb scroll as much as we enjoyed livin' it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leaving NJ- March tour w/ Silent Way

Well, it's a monsoon outside and we're getting ready to get in the van with Silent Way. First stop, Charm City Arts Space in Baltimore, MD. We've got the shows listed below on our last post and on our myspace.

Got our books, underwear, and pasta packed up and ready to go. We'll try to give some updates as we go. Hope all is well while we're gone. It's only a week, though. But a week can be long without your cat. Sad faces all around. But, hope to see you on the open road. AND, Granny Frost had been added to our March 18th show in Chicago. If that doesn't mean shit to you, well, then that's fine. But to us it's big. Granny Frost put out a split tape with us the end of last year and we've got a split 7'' coming out next month, so this is an honor for us. Weep weep, sentimental praise. Ok.

Also, "Dogs in Water" EP will be out tomorrow at our show. It's limited to 35. Don't worry, we've left several behind if you actually want to acquire one. See you soon..., uh, mom?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tour Info and Upcoming Releases!

So it’s about one week until we embark on our 9 day/8 show tour with our buddies Silent Way. We’ll be playing all shows with them, and hell, I’ll even be playing drums for them. And Marty in Silent Way will be playing drums for us. This is getting into patchwork territory but I know no other way. Below are the dates and some of the people we’re playing with. There are others at these shows I’m sure.

3/13 Baltimore, MD- Charm City Arts Space w/Lotus Fucker, Harco (all ages)
3/14 Raleigh, NC- GSS2 House (all ages)
3/15 Greenville, SC at The Hanger
3/16 St. Louis, MO at a Bar
3/17 Dekalb, IL at The Space w/Tinyfolk (all ages)
3/18 Chicago, IL at Ronny’s
3/19 Athens, OH at The Hideout
3/20 Columbus, OH at the 15th House w/Death Rats

To commemorate the tour, we will be releasing a limited, hand painted CD-R with nifty covers. The EP is called “Dogs in Water” because dogs and water are both mysterious and beautiful things. Especially when you put them together. The art of wadding dogs is nothing to overlook. And how bout the muscular intricacies of the dog-paddle? Inspiration for the cover was taken from the album “Ol’ Days a Comin’” by Wisconsin’s, Rickety/Split, or so I’m told. (am I lying?) We’re gonna finish mixing these songs on Monday and will have these in time for the open road. Oh, it will also feature 4 brand new songs, never heard by ears other than our own.

In other news, our split 7” with Granny Frost (not to be confused with our available split tape. This has 2 new songs by each band), has been sent out to be pressed a couple days ago. Hopefully, we will have them in a month with a record release party of some sort to coincide.

Finally, we are playing a show this Sunday @ The Litterbox in New Brunswick with Ava Lun, Casiorossi, and True Womanhood. Don't know where it is? Ask us, or as they say, a punk of some sort. Punks love to answer questions.