Friday, March 5, 2010

Tour Info and Upcoming Releases!

So it’s about one week until we embark on our 9 day/8 show tour with our buddies Silent Way. We’ll be playing all shows with them, and hell, I’ll even be playing drums for them. And Marty in Silent Way will be playing drums for us. This is getting into patchwork territory but I know no other way. Below are the dates and some of the people we’re playing with. There are others at these shows I’m sure.

3/13 Baltimore, MD- Charm City Arts Space w/Lotus Fucker, Harco (all ages)
3/14 Raleigh, NC- GSS2 House (all ages)
3/15 Greenville, SC at The Hanger
3/16 St. Louis, MO at a Bar
3/17 Dekalb, IL at The Space w/Tinyfolk (all ages)
3/18 Chicago, IL at Ronny’s
3/19 Athens, OH at The Hideout
3/20 Columbus, OH at the 15th House w/Death Rats

To commemorate the tour, we will be releasing a limited, hand painted CD-R with nifty covers. The EP is called “Dogs in Water” because dogs and water are both mysterious and beautiful things. Especially when you put them together. The art of wadding dogs is nothing to overlook. And how bout the muscular intricacies of the dog-paddle? Inspiration for the cover was taken from the album “Ol’ Days a Comin’” by Wisconsin’s, Rickety/Split, or so I’m told. (am I lying?) We’re gonna finish mixing these songs on Monday and will have these in time for the open road. Oh, it will also feature 4 brand new songs, never heard by ears other than our own.

In other news, our split 7” with Granny Frost (not to be confused with our available split tape. This has 2 new songs by each band), has been sent out to be pressed a couple days ago. Hopefully, we will have them in a month with a record release party of some sort to coincide.

Finally, we are playing a show this Sunday @ The Litterbox in New Brunswick with Ava Lun, Casiorossi, and True Womanhood. Don't know where it is? Ask us, or as they say, a punk of some sort. Punks love to answer questions.


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