Saturday, November 2, 2013

Update From the Studio/December Mid-West Tour

Hello folks!  Happy Halloween in the post-sense of the holiday greeting, as we've now embarked fearlessly and animalisticly into the great abyss of November.  Which reminds me; If you are reading this before 2 am East Coast time, turn your clocks back one hour!!!  It's time to embrace that extra hour of darkness until late March, turning us all into flabby, wanna-be poets, and whiskey guzzlin' miscreants.

So we've been off the beaten path publicly in the past month! But in that past month, we celebrated our 4th year as a band! How 'bout that?  Also, as previously reported, we've been working on our forth-coming LP, and 3rd total.  Here's some pictures of the scene of the crime, mostly of inanimate objects!!!

From the source

blurry eric

super blurry steve

invisible kitsin


some stuff we recorded, I think....

The LP is currently being mixed and mastered and will be out in early 2014!  

ALSO, this weekend we are playing doing a quick weekend tour up in Massachusetts with our pals Gnards.  Hopefully the rioting from the Red Sox World Series victory will have subsided by then as we wish to have our tour vehicle remain right-side up on all 4 tires during our stay. Please.


11/7- Lowell, MA @ Wilder Zangcraft House w/ Gnards, Dirty Dirges  8 PM

11/8- Worcester, MA @ The Firehouse w/ The Young Leaves, Real Good, Gnards 8 PM

11/9- Alston, MA @ O'Brien's (matinee show) w/ Congratulations, Gnards, Real Good 1 PM 

Email us at for addresses and additional info.

FINALLY, we're heading out to the mid-west in December for a quick run through the rust belt, bourbon trail, and any other silly names given to areas with strictly regional appeal.  The schedule is below.  Some help is needed in spots and if you can provide any help on the highlighted stuff (aka, Pennsylvania), please email us @



12/6- Cleveland, OH @ Mosh Eisley

12/7- Kalamazoo, MI @ TBA

12/8- Chicago, IL @ Township

12/9- Springfield, IL @ The Black Sheep 

12/10- St. Louis, MO @ FUBAR

12/11- Bloomington, IN @ Club Cool

12/12- Lexington, KY @ TBA

12/13- Columbus, OH @ Dinotopia

12/14- Pittsburgh, PA (HHHHHEEELLLPPP!)

Additionally, we're playing a couple shows with our buds Dinged Up from MD at the end of November, along with some local jaunts.   Thanks for hanging with us, and thanks for checking in over the past 4 weird years!  

Take it easy, but not too easy.  And we'll leave you with this...

Kitsin's mother hammering a knife into a head of cabbage!

Success, as Kitsin's mother splits the head of cabbage into quarter sections for easier boiling!