Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Jollydays

Hey folks of the internet.  What a whirlwind past two months it's been in camp Brick Mower- the strangest summer camp on earth.   If you've been following the last couple posts, the past 8 weeks have seen the release of our second LP My Hateable Face, a week long black-out from Hurricane Sandy, the passing of Halloween and Thanksgiving, and 29 shows in 22 states.

As I sit here a minute, sipping this lukewarm coffee I think 2 things.   1) These past two months flew by in a weird delirium and 2) this coffee is hurting my stomach.

So upon reflection, big thank you to any and everyone who has made these past two months awesome for us, and all who've set up the shows, played with us, and picked up the new record so far.  

Okay, enough with the sappy stuff.  Here's some photos from our last two tours we just finished up in New England:

 Running of the Santas.  Burlington VT

Billy Raygun!

The Rattlesnakes-  Portland, ME

Finally, we have a few more dates we're doing to close out the year.  
12/7-  Westminster, MD- Wallride Manor
12/8- Columbus, OH- VillaVillekula
12/9- Kalamazoo, MI- Victory House
12/10- Chicago, IL- The Empty Bottle
12/11- Milwaukee, WI- The Boardwalk House
12/12- Bloomington, IN- 700 Club
12/13- Lexington, KY- Al's Sidecar
12/14- Portsmouth, OH- Dickens' Pub
12/15- Frederick, MD- All Saints Episcopal Church

12/28- Washington DC- Casa Fiesta
12/29- Virginia Beach, VA- That's How I Beat Shaq
12/30- Philadelphia, PA - Hausu
Again, if anyone can lend a hand in Ohio on short notice on 12/8 please let us know.  For all other show locations and times, hit us up at

Thanks everyone

Friday, November 9, 2012

Post Hurricane Nonsense/Upcoming Shows

Hey everyone.  Finally, back up and running on the internet after what feels like a week or so living in a bubble.   As you probably know, or have been gorged to nausuem with media coverage or personal experiences, the east coast got hit pretty severely with a hurricane last week.    2 out of the 3 of us had no power or heat for over a week, and the had to cancel a couple shows due to lack of power and ability to travel the area.  

No complaints here on that end, as some friends and family we know did loose most of, if not everything they owned in the storm.  And a lot of the areas around us were either affected, or in some cases, leveled by the storm.   It sucks, but we're okay, and finally coming out of the hibernation we've been in for the past two weeks.  

On that note... we hope all friends on the east coast we haven't talked to are doing fine. 

AND... moving on, we're embarking, later today, on the first of two short New England tours this month.   Here's the dates.

-11/9- Providence, RI @ Dusk  9 PM

-11/10- Worcester, MA @ The Firehouse w/ Black Wine, Pillow Man, Styk, Funeral Cone 8:30 PM

-11/11- Newmarket, NH @ Fuckingham Palace w/ Poison Ivy League, Billy Raygun  6 PM

-11/12- Willimantic, CT @ Shitty Present HQ w/ Tim Rowe, Secret Parts 7 PM

Also, before the year's out, we're going to be hitting the mid-west once more for some dates.  We'll post them as we get them.  Thanks y'all.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tallying up the Tour/Pictures/Future shows and info

Hey everyone in the world, and your future relatives.   Brick Mower here. Back in New Jersey after 3 weeks driving around the United States getting runny noses, and floor rash every night on donated hardwood sleeping areas!   What an adventure it was.    Here's some tour stats.

Miles traveled: 5,200 somethin or other
Different states played: 15
Different States we used the bathroom in: 19
New states played on tour:  MS, LA, KS, NE
Broken guitar stings:  3.   Huh?  Not too shabby
Canceled fucking shows: 2...  sucks
Things lost (from Eric):  1 favorite gray jacket with 3 buttons, 1 cell phone charger donated on a previous tour, 1 peppermint complementary mint
Weddings we all missed on tour: 1  (congrats J. Nixon and Tara Loversidge)
Number of throwed rolls consumed at Lambert's Home of Throwed Rolls in Alabama: 7

OKAY, that about does it.   Here's some shitty Pictures:   But first.... thank you to all of our friends that helped us out with shows, places to stay, meals, snacks, drinks, showers, and the kindest hospitality we've recieved.  Special thanks to JD for being the best house show donations collector ever, and to Chad for covering our ass at the Chinese Buffet in Tennessee. A rare tour splurge for sure.


You're Jovian!  They rule. 

Dragons in traffic. 

It's been found!

The most complacent dog we've ever met. 


Fuel for the fun game. 


Where is Nickelodeon's The Big Help when you need it? 

Houston Cat

The Grassy Knoll in Dallas

2nd window from the top is where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. OR, so we're told......


Kansas dudes illuminated. 

Wedding bomb.

Chef Boyardee

Thanks Kelly!


  You can now pick up our new LP My Hateable Face  from our webstore, here as well as Don Giovanni Records and the No Idea Records distro.

Show information also updated on the side.    We will be hitting the New England area twice in November, as well as playing a few NJ and NY shows along the way (including two with our buds The Sidekicks on their never-ending tour from Columbus, OH).    

In addition, we're going to be out on a short mid-west tour in December hitting up PA, OH, MI, IL, WI, IN, OH, and MD.   Check for it soon.

Finally, more trips next year, including west coast again.  And for those asking about the split 7'' with Black Wine....  as the orphaned J.P. in Disney's Angels in the Outfield once said "It could happen!"   As I say, "it will happen."  Shut up J.P.! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hey one and all.  It's been a busy day on the Brick Mower news front.  So busy, even my parent's dog just stopped chasing his tail to focus on all the malarky going down.

It's October 2nd, and that means our new LP My Hateable Face has finally seen the light of day.  You can grab the LP from Don Giovanni Records right.....ooohhh.... HERE.

You can also grab copy from the No Idea Records distro..... HERE, in case you wanna click on a few things.

And as reported earlier, the cassette version is out on John Wilkes Booth Records  and you're copy awaits you.... HERE... and HERE.   It's available on orange and clear tapes, for the nerds who enjoy variety in their plastic.

Also, to honor the new LP, our video for the song "Stuttering" is up and about the interwebs.  It was directed by Kate Sweeney and edited by Kate Sweeney and Brett Davis.

Stttuttterrr.. stttuuuttt.... sssssssstttuutering.   Hey, it happens.

Also, we leave for our 3 weeks tour tomorrow.  Dates are on the side.  First show, and technical record release show is at El Paso Cafe in Wilmington, DE.   Show starts at 7 w/ The Headies, Come on Homewrecker, and Psychic Teens.    Check the side bar for details. 

See y'alls on the road.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

LP Pre-order is up!/ Tour update

Hello dwellers of the cyber world.   How goes it?  

We're proud, with chest out-puffed, and facial expressions delightfully pained, to announce that our My Hateable Face LP is now  up for pre-sale as of today!

You can order a copy of the LP here....  today!     Orders ship out on or around the October 2nd release date!

ALSO, for you nerds stuck in the past, a cassette version of the LP is available for pre-order from John Wilkes Booth Records, today!

You can order a copy of the LP on cassette here... today!   Whoa!  Wow!

Here's a new track from the LP.   We've entitled it "Stuttering"

 Yup, that was "Stuttering"

Check the side of the blog for all of our show updates.   Still a few more in the works.  Hey, New Orleans and Ohio.  We're lookin' at you.

More comin' and a comin' soon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Hateable Face (OCTOBER) Tour- help needed

Hey gang. Posted below are the dates for our My Hateable Face Tour. 3 weeks of fun, fury, and headaches. We are still looking for some help in spots. If you can lend a hand, please let us know. We’ll be indebted to you.
Also, we will have copies of the new LP My Hateable Face coming out October 2nd. There might also be a record release show in NJ in the works.

Also, also, we’re planning a couple shorter tours in November and December, so stay posted and keep your eyes to the sky. Aliens!

Anyways, dates below.

10/3- Wilmington, DE @ El Paso Cafe

-10/4- Harrisonburg, VA @ Crayola House

-10/5- Charlotte, NC @ The Kickstand

-10/6- Asheville, NC @ The Getdown

-10/7- Columbia, SC @ Conundrum

-10/8- Athens, GA @ Flicker Bar

-10/9- Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo's North

-10/10- Birmingham, AL

-10/11- Orlando, FL

-10/12- Tampa, FL @ Hold Tight House

-10/13- Tallahassee, FL @ The Shark Tank

-10/14- Jackson, MS (HELP)

-10/15- Baton Rouge, LA (HELP)

-10/16- Houston, TX @ (HELP)
-10/17- Denton, TX @ J & J's Pizza

-10/18- Arkansas

-10/19- Lawrence, KS @ The Cellar

-10/20- Omaha, NE @ The West Wing

-10/21- Chicago, IL

-10/22- Indiana (HELP)

-10/23- Ohio (HELP)

-10/24- MD/PA ? (HELP)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Hateable Face LP- out October 2nd!

Hey everyone.  Our new LP, My Hateable Face, will be available on Tuesday October 2nd through Don Giovanni Records.   You can read the info on their website over here.    

The LP's got 12 tracks (1 more than last time for you guys in it for the long haul), yet it's only 4 minutes longer than the last, so we didn't exactly go and start writing Styx-style ballads, or Zepplin riff-laden fairlytales just yet.   But a boy can dream can't he?  Can't he?  Well, unless your some sort of anti-dream freak.

The LP will be up for pre-order shortly on Don Giovanni's website.  We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, here's the first song off of the record, "Touchdown Jesus"

ALSO, we're playing MR. BEERY'S in BETHPAGE, NY this Saturday, 8/25 with World's Fair, Salvatore Rex, and Make It Plain.   Show starts at 9.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Tour - Part 4 (That is all)

Hey everyone.  Let's wrap this shit up real quick.  Let's put this thing to rest, some of these shows that have now happened almost a month ago.

Before beginning that, we wanted to thank Maddy, Push Ups, and our buddies in Detriot's Protomartyr for playing with us and being generally awesome last Thursday in Philly.   Due to a whinny neighbor, with the patience of a matchstick, the show that started late, now had to end real early.   It was the most fun 3 song set I've played, and the best 3 song set I've seen (that would be thanks to Push Ups who are amazing!).     Anyway, it was a ton of fun and the band played on....

Also, Sunday August 19th we'll be at The Bowery Electric in NYC.  Show starts at 7:30.  Come hang out.

Here goes, the end of the summer as we knew it.....

Day 21- Fort Worth, TX-  In the morning, we all met up with our buds The Young Leaves (from MA) and got coffee and walked around Denton's rad junk shop and candy stores.  This town has it all I tell you.  We headed 40 minutes south (equivalent to 47 hours of Texas traffic), to hang out with Al and Lacey who fed us, and bathed us in food and bath.  Well, to be fair they did not bathe us. That would be embarassing and unnecessary for everyone.   They did help throw a rad show for us at 1919 Hemphill which was about 1000 degrees.

Day 22- Tulsa, OK-   I was in Tulsa OK when I was 6 months old visiting my mom's childhood friend, so ineveteably my mother kept texting me mom texts. "Does it look the same?"  "Do you remember where her house is? Lol".   Oh mom.   Played the Soundpony with our buds The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage, who are not only the crazies named band (in a great way), but are a crazy good garage rock band, shellaced in reverb!

Day 23- St. Louis, MO-  Showed up in St. Louis, a place we played on a very first tour to quit disterous results.  Upon arriving, pure confusion broke out as everyone involved at Lemmons had no clue what "show" we were talking about.   Thankfully, the bartender and his friend got their drummer on the phone to make a show happen.  In the meantime, the dudes from Trauma Harness, who booked it, arrived and all confusion was over.  A near canceled show, turned into one of the best nights on tour all around.  Take that Sunday night.   Thanks to Johnny andTrauma Harness, along with Shut In for making the night work.

Day 24- Carbondale, IL-  Headed out to Carbondale to the infamous Lost Cross house which just celebrated their 25 anniversary as a house!  That's a long time for a house to have shows and not fall to a pile rubble. Got to play with Autonomy who were one of the best bands we played with on tour.  This band is great!  Holy shit!   Put me to bed.

Day 25- Cleveland, TN-  Off to Cleveland we went. Not the Cleveland we've been to multiple times in the land of OH-yeah, but 10 miles outside of Chattanooga.  Played an early evening show at Inherent Records.  The most relaxed show of tour, was a much needed sigh of fucking relief.  Ending while the sun was still out was satisfying after 25 days of watching the damn sun rise for no good reason.  Thanks to Chad and his girlfriend Kayla for housing us and making that night of tour feel like elementary school summer vacation.

Day 26- Lexington, KY-  We've driven through KY so many times in the past 2 + years of touring but have never been able to play.  We luckily made it to Kentucky thanks to Joe from The Elsinores.  When we showed up at the Green Lantern, they also had no clue what was going on as a christian acoustic act got up on stage for a while?  I don't know.  Show turned out great, and no one died.

Day 27- Dayton, OH-  The next day in Kentucky, we all went to check out some bourbon distilleries.  Straight edge tears have just fallen on someones keyboard, I'm sure.  Got to return to Blind Bob's, thanks to our bud Josh Goldman.  Excellent show!  I love this place.  During our set, a fucking wedding party came into the bar post ceremony, and watched the show, hung out, and bought merch!   Best of luck guys

Day 28- Westminster, MD-  Last show.  Bitter sweet sorrow for us all.   Long drive that went rather quickly to get to MD.  When we pulled up at Wallride Manor, it was great seeing so many familiar faces.  The whole night was a goddamn blur. But what a great blur it was.  Thank you Mike Stearns, everyone in Crimes, Whiff, and Steve and Dinger from Barecat for making it out.   Also, for the show, Black Wine's Miranda played drums with us on "Slow too Fast" while our very own Steve played drums for Black Wine's "Chateau of Ghosts."   Video coming soon ...  maybe? (awaiting approval from the governor).

Day 29- HOME- Woke up.  My leg hurt really bad from sleeping wrong and we all looked like shit for the 29th consecutive day.   THE END