Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Tour - Part 4 (That is all)

Hey everyone.  Let's wrap this shit up real quick.  Let's put this thing to rest, some of these shows that have now happened almost a month ago.

Before beginning that, we wanted to thank Maddy, Push Ups, and our buddies in Detriot's Protomartyr for playing with us and being generally awesome last Thursday in Philly.   Due to a whinny neighbor, with the patience of a matchstick, the show that started late, now had to end real early.   It was the most fun 3 song set I've played, and the best 3 song set I've seen (that would be thanks to Push Ups who are amazing!).     Anyway, it was a ton of fun and the band played on....

Also, Sunday August 19th we'll be at The Bowery Electric in NYC.  Show starts at 7:30.  Come hang out.

Here goes, the end of the summer as we knew it.....

Day 21- Fort Worth, TX-  In the morning, we all met up with our buds The Young Leaves (from MA) and got coffee and walked around Denton's rad junk shop and candy stores.  This town has it all I tell you.  We headed 40 minutes south (equivalent to 47 hours of Texas traffic), to hang out with Al and Lacey who fed us, and bathed us in food and bath.  Well, to be fair they did not bathe us. That would be embarassing and unnecessary for everyone.   They did help throw a rad show for us at 1919 Hemphill which was about 1000 degrees.

Day 22- Tulsa, OK-   I was in Tulsa OK when I was 6 months old visiting my mom's childhood friend, so ineveteably my mother kept texting me mom texts. "Does it look the same?"  "Do you remember where her house is? Lol".   Oh mom.   Played the Soundpony with our buds The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage, who are not only the crazies named band (in a great way), but are a crazy good garage rock band, shellaced in reverb!

Day 23- St. Louis, MO-  Showed up in St. Louis, a place we played on a very first tour to quit disterous results.  Upon arriving, pure confusion broke out as everyone involved at Lemmons had no clue what "show" we were talking about.   Thankfully, the bartender and his friend got their drummer on the phone to make a show happen.  In the meantime, the dudes from Trauma Harness, who booked it, arrived and all confusion was over.  A near canceled show, turned into one of the best nights on tour all around.  Take that Sunday night.   Thanks to Johnny andTrauma Harness, along with Shut In for making the night work.

Day 24- Carbondale, IL-  Headed out to Carbondale to the infamous Lost Cross house which just celebrated their 25 anniversary as a house!  That's a long time for a house to have shows and not fall to a pile rubble. Got to play with Autonomy who were one of the best bands we played with on tour.  This band is great!  Holy shit!   Put me to bed.

Day 25- Cleveland, TN-  Off to Cleveland we went. Not the Cleveland we've been to multiple times in the land of OH-yeah, but 10 miles outside of Chattanooga.  Played an early evening show at Inherent Records.  The most relaxed show of tour, was a much needed sigh of fucking relief.  Ending while the sun was still out was satisfying after 25 days of watching the damn sun rise for no good reason.  Thanks to Chad and his girlfriend Kayla for housing us and making that night of tour feel like elementary school summer vacation.

Day 26- Lexington, KY-  We've driven through KY so many times in the past 2 + years of touring but have never been able to play.  We luckily made it to Kentucky thanks to Joe from The Elsinores.  When we showed up at the Green Lantern, they also had no clue what was going on as a christian acoustic act got up on stage for a while?  I don't know.  Show turned out great, and no one died.

Day 27- Dayton, OH-  The next day in Kentucky, we all went to check out some bourbon distilleries.  Straight edge tears have just fallen on someones keyboard, I'm sure.  Got to return to Blind Bob's, thanks to our bud Josh Goldman.  Excellent show!  I love this place.  During our set, a fucking wedding party came into the bar post ceremony, and watched the show, hung out, and bought merch!   Best of luck guys

Day 28- Westminster, MD-  Last show.  Bitter sweet sorrow for us all.   Long drive that went rather quickly to get to MD.  When we pulled up at Wallride Manor, it was great seeing so many familiar faces.  The whole night was a goddamn blur. But what a great blur it was.  Thank you Mike Stearns, everyone in Crimes, Whiff, and Steve and Dinger from Barecat for making it out.   Also, for the show, Black Wine's Miranda played drums with us on "Slow too Fast" while our very own Steve played drums for Black Wine's "Chateau of Ghosts."   Video coming soon ...  maybe? (awaiting approval from the governor).

Day 29- HOME- Woke up.  My leg hurt really bad from sleeping wrong and we all looked like shit for the 29th consecutive day.   THE END

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