Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Tour - Part 2

Thank you for returning, faithful followers of the open road, the distorted chord, and the slurred lyric.   Welcome back to the continuation of the Brick Mower/Black Wine summer tour blog that took us around the country (sorry southeast, we'll see you soon whether you like it or not).

Anyways, here's a continuation, picking our sorry selves back up on day 8, waking up in Rapid City, SD and heading to Missoula, MT.

Day 8- Missoula, MT- After our Rapid City show, we had to get a motel room.  For those keeping stats, this is the 4th time brick mower's had to motel the situation since we've been touring. This is, however, the first time we shared a room with 3 other people AND 48 flies.  I think Jeff Goldblum and Vincent Price were hiding in the shower, slyly unleashing his brethren out into the room.  Anyway, Day 8 was a mileage doosey.  700+ during the day, through Montana, which I think is the best looking state in the US.   Got to play the Ole Beck VFW with Buddy Jackson who were awesome.  Thanks for Grant Geiger for hooking up the show.  It felt great to finally stop driving for 10+ hours and get some time off after the show.  Thankfully we didn't have to drive...

Day 9- Bellingham, WA... 10 more hours the next day!!!?  Man, another long drive to hit the west coast. Some bad traffic due to construction, plus more amazing sights.  Finally, arrived in Bellingham, patience wearing thin hitting that final 30 mile mark of the trek.  Make Shift Art Space for setting up the show, and the place was flam-tastic (drummers, anyone?).  It was great finally making it to the west and playing a rad show with some locals, including the first guy to play, who was stuck in his own timezone.  Talk to us about him. After the show, we drove an hour and half south to Seattle where we hung out with Chris Chambers and his wife, Allison.

Day 10- Seattle, WA-  So we wake up at Chris Chambers' house.  You might know him from Dateless and currently Smokejumper.  Played a live on-air show at Hollow Earth Radio and it was great.   Thanks CJ Frederick for setting up BOTH our Seattle shows, and feeding us.  CJ's in Big Eyes. He's the man.  Yes. The Man.

Day 11- Seattle, WA-  Hanging out at Chris and Allison's house. Being bums, Washing laundry. Seeing the bridge troll.  Blaahhhh.  Great day for us. Most boring read for the adventurer in you. We did appear, along with Black Wine on Chis Chamber's Life is a Party Podcast, talking about how the band formed and all that fun secret stuff.  You can check the recording out here, along with the other great podcasts on the site.   Played at The Josephine that night.  Show was great. There was a crowd surfing pizza box and I don't care about anything else.  Except getting to hang out with our buddy Tom Lowell and Siobhan!

Day 12- Portland, OR -  We leave Seattle in a state of longing and tears, and take a two hour detour to Astoria, OR to take pictues of The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop filming locations.  Well worth the detour!   Portland was rad. Thanks to Ken Cheppaikode from Dirtnap Records for setting up the show.  I had a blast watching the MLB All-Star game on the pacfic time zone.  Fantastic show, by the way. The Know is a rad place to play, so put that in your pipe and smoke it... grandpa!

Day 13- Corvallis, OR- Hung around Portland all-day and took a hike up to an active volcano that will surely kill all of Portland one day.  RUN! Seriously though... run.  What I learned in Portland is that... a) food trucks are 90% of the food industry and b) Voodoo Doughnuts are the other 10%.  Played Bombs Away Cafe in the college town of Corvallis, however, most of college is out in the summer, as  you scinetists out there may have already known.  Still had a rad time though with Exiles Among Us and all the cool folks who hung out and  bought some merch.  Corvallis is a big t-shirt town from what I know.

Day 14- Reno, NV- When playing in Oregon, I've been told it's tough to secure some shows between the East Bay and the Portland/Salem/Eugene area.  So off we went, of course, to Reno NV. Ya know, the Biggest Little City in the World. Thanks to Clark Dermitt, we got to eat pizza off the trunk of our car and see people playing slot machines inside the local 7-11!  This town just can't stop throwing its money at machines.  I secretly wanted to join.  Reno was awesome, and felt like being stuck in an eternal blow-dryer on a habanero tortilla. How they do it on a daily basis, I'll never know....

To be continued.....


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