Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello world! Welcome to 2012

Pondering the future, one rest stop at a time.

Hey folks. It's been some time since we've updated this thing. Guess our fingers got a bit of the sleeptitus when it came to hammering on the keyboard. Since our last post, back in November, we've gone down to the southeast (of America), and celebrated some holidays. So let's recap, shall we?... and see where this new year is takin' us mowers.

First off, if you find yourself in Birmingham, AL, don't try to lick the lid of a can of beans like it's a popsicle. You will cut your mouth and bleed for a long time. Like hours.

Also, this dog bit Krisin's face in Tallahassee, FL. What a pup! We miss you Shark Tank....wherever you "fetch."

Secondly... well, we just want to belatedly thank our friends and do-gooders who helped up out on our November/December tour last month. Last month? That's like 4 years internet time. Oh shit. Time to get crackin' again.

Also, we just got back from doing a weekend tour to Frederick, MD and New Castle, DE. Thank you, as always to our good buddy Todd for setting up the DE. Do not skip Delaware people. It does exist, and in spite of popular needless jokes about Delaware. Also, thanks to our pal Dylan in Frederick for letting us make noise in the All Episcopal Church's basement. We rattled the Hell out of the place! That's a slam-dunk of a church joke if I ever heard one. Holy smokes!

Ok, so if by any chance you're reading this now, we're playing 1/10 in New Brunswick with Trust Fall (on tour from VA), Melissa & Paul, and Scary at the Rehab House. Email us for the address. Show's at 7pm sharp!

So now, onto more news. Our long delayed, forever and year 7'' Why Are We Doing This, is finally being plated FOR REAL this very week, and should be up for release on the Rok Lok Records website by the end of the month. 4 tunes for you in a fairly short run (250 I believe). Be on the lookout.

Also, we'll be heading down to VA in February for a couple shows, the northeast in March, the mid-west in April, and touring out to the west coast and back with Black Wine over the summer. Details to come.

Finally (thanks for stickin' around), we are heading into the studio in March to record both our split 7'' with Black Wine AND our 2nd LP. Songs are about done and we hope to have both releases out for our summer tour. Again, details to follow.

Many thanks and happy new year for all of you and yours. May it be a year without fear tears. No use in crying too long. Gets ya nowhere but a trip to the Visine aisle. Until next time.

Upcoming shows:

1/13- Hanover, PA @ Kclinger's

1/27- Philadelphia, PA @ The Bikery

1/28- Ithaca, NY @ The Space at Greenstar

1/29- Nyack, NY @ Vinyl Lounge

2/10- New Brunswick, NJ @ The Loft

2/24- TBA in Baltimore, MD

2/25- Richmond, VA @ Church of Abraham

3/24- New York, NY @ the Cake Shop

More comin' soon.