Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey gang and purveyors of good fortune! Welcome to the new year, another year of living and continuing to fight the good fight. As in the past, we've let the brick mower blog deteriorate from time to time in between action and thinking of snarky gobbldegook to write.

BUT, we are dropping a line to update this and let you know we are still kicking, working on a whole new batch of songs, and working towards LP # 4.... possibly an EP or 7'' before that. But the road stretches ahead and we're paving it with tiny bricks of songs. The world needs more songs, right?

In relevant news, we are excited to announce that we're playing this year's Don Giovanni Records Showcase at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY.  We're playing night #2 w/ California X, Downtown Boys, Pink Wash, Worriers, Nuclear Santa Claust, and Alice.  WHOA!

Tickets for our show, along with 2 night passes, are currently on sale here: TICKETS

Also, as talked about on the massively popular social media platform, Facebook, we have announced that our long time drummer Steve is no longer with us. We amicably split ways as Steve went on to pursue a career in the baking world. Godspeed Steve and forward march to glory.

Thanks for seeing us through. I'll update this thing soon enough. Show list is also updated, in case you wanna figure out just what day you saw us sweat bullets behind the microphones. Take it EEEEEZZZZzzzzzz