Saturday, June 19, 2010


So, I went to blog after our show last Monday night at The Court Tavern w/ Rapid Cities, Kicking Spit, Reaching Away, and Perfect Future. Quite the show! A lot of fun as well, in case you wanna know if I had fun. So I went to sign on Tuesday night, and I was denied access. Hmmm. "Oh well," I thought, "I'll try tomorrow," cause I was about 2 and a half sheets to the wind. So, Wednesday, same shit. Thursday, the same. I'm pressing buttons to get passwords sent to my email, all this boring tech bologna. Then, blogger's tech suggestion is "Maybe you're signed into the wrong email?" Oh, yeah. Whatever blogger. Like I don't know my own login name.

Turns out I had the wrong login name. For 4 days I sat at the computer angry and hopeless, punching keys and cursing. I'm becoming my grandfather, which is scary because he's been dead for years.

But anyway, crisis averted and I sturdy kick to my own ass. Hope y'alls summer is doing swell.
We had 2 good shows last week, one with The Timid Roosevelts down in Ewing, the other with all the great bands mentioned above.

Here's some actions shots!

So how 'bout those action shots taken by Colleen from Period Girls? Nice, huh? That's Steve in the man-t on drums.

SO, SPEAKING OF STEVE, he will be away for a month in England learning shit. Some call it studying abroad. I call it partying abroad 2000 and 0 '10 (girls gone wild UK edition, pub crawling, football lovin, rotten teeth flappin good ol' times). That's a stupid fucking name actually for anything. So basically, we won't be playing for a month while Steve's away. Maybe our buddy Dave can play a show or two but who knows.

Finally, our friend Eric Gieg is helping us finish up some tracks I played drums on back in Feb./March. 8 songs sat in the vaults and now we're rounding them out for future 7'' and comp. tracks.

That's all our boring shit for now. Where's yours?
Take care and pay your fare.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maximum Rocknroll, likes us???

Hmmm, hey all. And you know who you are. Give yourself a bow and pat on the back. Do it. I dare ya. Pat yourself on the back right now. Ahhh, doesn't that feel good. It's a little weird, you patting yourself on the back in your own room, or "family computer room." Fun, isn't it. And no one gets hurt.

Ok, I'm gonna shut the f(bleep)uck up and continue on with a bunch of cool facts that exist in the world that some how involves this band and our interests. Okay, so first off, I got a text from John Terry of Rapid Cities glory, informing me Maximum Rocknroll reviewed us in their June 2010 issue. So this is what they had to say. "Turn back the clock to 1988 for what was called 'college rock'- now known as 'indie.' Six college rock songs in the DINOSAUR JR. and GUIDED BY VOICES vein [they put it in CAPS, not I]. A little flat-sounding but still a nice change of pace."-MRR [in fact, Ray Lujan of MRR reviews!]

Hmmm, so okay. Nice to see the review and it seems generally positive. I'm assuming the flat sounding mean's production wise, being that's been my every-band's recording mantra in life. Or maybe we are just flat. Although 2 out of the 3 of us aren't flat, and I remind you that I am boy. This issue also featured an interview with Kamikaze Dan from MD's Lotus Fucker. We got to play with Lotus Fucker on our first day of tour last March and stayed at Dan's apartment where we were wowed with wry jokes and obscure anime box-sets.

In other news, please lend a hand if you can to the Kickstarter project for Love/Hate Records, run by the John's. No, not They Might Be Giants, but John Terry and John Cole. Love/Hate Records is trying to fund their 1st compilation and they need your help. We're due to have an unreleased track out on this compilation as well, as will Rapid Cities (they're they are again!). So, any kind of pledge can help them out. TIMES QUICKLY RUNNING OUT. Click on the link to help out the Johns. You shall be thanked by many.

AND.... Period Girls have some songs up on their myspace. Kit Gogan, brick mower bass extraordinaire, plays drums in that band. Our friend's, Kelli and Colleen are also in the band, kicking ass and forgetting names. They're equal parts catchy, grimy, vulgar, and sincere at the same time. And that's not some bullshit description. It's actually true, and that's a pretty fucking amazing thing to be. It's like getting bubble gum stuck to your sneaker on a 97 degree day, and having the wherewithal to snack on, and enjoy it later. Check it out.


Finally, we're playing in Ewing, NJ this Friday, the 11th w/ The Timid Roosevelts @ The All Call Inn. 21+ ya' travelin' punks. Thanks a bunch.