Saturday, January 22, 2011

Full-length info + Upcoming shows

Hey everyone. Well it may be insanely cold outside unless you live in Argentina, but things are really heating up for... Ok, how cliched to say things are heating up for brick mower? Yea, that's stupid. What's more proper to say is that we got a lot of stuff coming down the pipe. Here's some details.

So we're planning to have our full-length LP out around the 1st week of March. We just got the artwork in from the loveable Perry Shall of Dry Feet, Lighten Up, and Angry Serfs. Check it out:

Also, the masters were sent out to press this week. So with all fingers and toes crossed to arthritic excruciation, this thing will hopefully be out in time for our RECORD RELEASE @ Meat Town USA on March 9th, which also happens to be our tour kick off.

So here's a bunch of dates we have coming up. The one's that say TBA will have a home shortly. The ones that say HELP next to TBA... well, we still need some help. If you want to, we'll gladly take some. Thanks. More info soon.

2/2 - The Meatlocker- Montclair, NJ w/Mattress, Period Girls + more
2/18- TBA in Philadelphia, PA
2/19- Monster House- Columbus, OH w/ What Gives (ex/current Delay, Serious Geniuses, Sidekicks)
2/20- The Soggy Dog House- Lakewood, OH w/ What Gives
2/21- TBA Lancaster/Allentown PA (HELP)

2/25- Mr. Beery’s- Bethpage, NY w/ Dude Japan
2/26- Court Tavern- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Rapid Cities (last show), Big Eyes, Mirrors & Wires

March tour:
3/9- Meat Town USA- New Brunswick, NJ (record release show) w/ Period Girls
3/10- The Charleston- Brooklyn, NY w/ Mirrors and Wires, The Grains
3/11- Nacho House- Newark, DE w/ Tit Patrol
3/12- Concrete Art Space- Virginia Beach, VA w/ You’re Jovian, Young Adult Fiction
3/13- The Motorco- Druham, NC w/ Antibubbles
3/14- The Hangar- Greenville, SC
3/15- Civic Media Center- Gainesville, FL
3/16- The Underbelly- Jacksonville FL
3/17- Wonderroot- Atlanta, GA
3/18- The Cake Shop- New York, NY w/ Black Wine, The Boys Club, Pregnant
3/19- Democracy Center- Cambridge, MA w/ Black Wine
3/20- The Handsome Woman- Willimantic, CT w/ Weak Teeth, Gasoline Wind

3/26- Court Tavern- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Black Wine, Mattress, Sparkle Shit
3/27- Secret Project Robot (PRFBBQ in NY)- Brooklyn, NY w/ In Air, Period Girls, We Ride, + more
3/30- Asbury Lanes- Asbury Park, NJ w/ Ba Babes, + more

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Martin Luther Monday Monday Monday!

This Monday, feel free to mosey on over to Brooklyn New Yawk, to see a pretty awesome line-up unfold before your eyes to cap off a great holiday weekend.

Yup. Show is at 7. It's 7 bucks to get in.

Wagers! Dude Japan! Dirty Blonde! and us, mowered bricks.

Sure to be a great time. And also, we just got back from playing Dad's Haus (or House, depending on what flyer you read), and had a great time playing with Spraynard, Glocca Morra, Ah Horse Hockey, and OF COURSE, Backpocket. Thanks for sticking around, watching, and chattin' with us. If you happened to do those 3 things in that exact order, and then signed on to read this blog right after, consider yourself lotto-plain' ready and worthy. Cha-ching...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life After Black Wine

Well, we just got back from 3 days with NJ's best band of record appreciation worship, and all things you need to know in life. No, I'm not talking about Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes or Naughty by Nature. I'm waxing 'bout Black Wine.

So yea, how did it go you ask? Well, swell. Friday we played the Banana Stand. Ah Horse Hockey released their EP at this show which is pretty sweet. Got to see OMAR who were awesome too! And yea, then there's Black Wine. (Later we got to hang out with Perry, Jarrett, Kristina, Alejandro, and the scared roommate who was surprised to find us sleeping in his kitchen/living room the next morning who I'm sure is a cool dude too. AND, Nacho the cat!).

Saturday, got to hang out with Dan from Dead Mechanical. Hell, even got to sleep in Dan's bed!!1!1! Well, not Dan's bed. But one of his bed. How was the show @ Charm City Art Space? It was rad, that's how it was. Crimes and Head Homes played and were both really awesome. And then there was Black Wine.

Sunday, was fantastic at Meat Town USA. Scope shots handed out by Ryan of RSO playing their LAST New Jersey show, which sucks. The Young Leaves played their best set yet (and 3rd we've gotten to play with these hairy, gentle giants from MA). And then Black Wine played.

So yea. Black Wine. How many times can I type it? I don't know. Feel free to count in your free time. Here's live shot of said band. BOOM!

But, in a serious tone please, eternal thanks go out to 3 of the most genuine people around. We all love these guys and gal, and owe them a lot (even though Jeff owes me $3000 over a very poorly made bet regarding bagel spreads, but I'll let this one slide, THIS TIME!!!).

I wish I had more pictures from this weekend. I need to start carrying my camera more to document. I guess I'm afraid to acknowledge things like Alzheimers and wet brain. Oh well.

NEXT SHOWS this weekend:
1/15 @ Dad's Haus in Philly w/ Backpocket!!!, Spraynard, Ah Horse Hockey, Glocca Morra 6:30 PM

1/17 @ Party Xpo in Brooklyn w/Dirty Blonde, Dude Japan, Wagers 7 PM

Piece out.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weekend Tour with Black Wine

The time is upon us to hit the road with one of our favorite bands, Black Wine. They are not only a swell band, but three people who should be committed, I mean commended.

So anyways, the shows are as follows:

1/7 @ The Banana Stand in Philadelphia,PA w/Ah Horse Hockey, OMAR, His Day Has Come, and Light Hearted. All ages 6:30 Ask for address.

1/8 @ Charm City Art Space in Baltimore, MD w/Crimes, Head Home

1/9 @ Meat Town USA in New Brunswick w/RSO and The Young Leaves (on tour from MA, and awesome dudes as well.)

That about does it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Looking Forward in the New Year: A brick mower Perspective

Hello children,
Sit down and let me tell you a cautionary tale of rock and roll. First, always wear ear protection unless you enjoy listening to phantom monotone car alarms ringing in your brain throughout the night. Second, beer before liquor never been more annoying with a microphone. And third, gas is expensive.

So there you have it. Write that inside your guitar case or on your drumstick, and my friends, you will rock and roll till the cows come home.

Well, it's now 2011, and that's just crazy. I remember being 10 thinking about what I'd be doing when I was 25. I honestly thought I'd have a motorcycle and being playing drums in a cool, vulgar metal band even though I didn't know what metal was when I was 10.

Ok, I digress. Here's what we have going on in 2011 so far.

-Full-length record, Under the Sink to be released in March 2011 on LP and CD through VOC Records and Stumparumper Records. Also, it'll be out on cassette through Clubhouse Records. That's a lot of options! Anyone wanna put it on 8-track?

-Weekend tour on Jan. 7th, 8th, and 9th with Black Wine to Baltimore, Philly, and NJ!

-Another weekend trip with Backpocket. Jan. 14th in Baltimore, 15th in Philly.

-New 4 song 7'' of older pre-Steve on drums recordings coming out in April on Rok Lok Records.

-Split 7'' w/ Snow What, with Steve on drums!, when the weather gets kind of humid again on one or both of our labels.

-We'll play some shows.

Sound good to you? Those plans are cool with us. In the meantime, good luck with your resolutions. I'm sure most of you will fail, unless you DO IT! Good luck, and peace on earth and good will hunting to men.