Sunday, January 16, 2011

Martin Luther Monday Monday Monday!

This Monday, feel free to mosey on over to Brooklyn New Yawk, to see a pretty awesome line-up unfold before your eyes to cap off a great holiday weekend.

Yup. Show is at 7. It's 7 bucks to get in.

Wagers! Dude Japan! Dirty Blonde! and us, mowered bricks.

Sure to be a great time. And also, we just got back from playing Dad's Haus (or House, depending on what flyer you read), and had a great time playing with Spraynard, Glocca Morra, Ah Horse Hockey, and OF COURSE, Backpocket. Thanks for sticking around, watching, and chattin' with us. If you happened to do those 3 things in that exact order, and then signed on to read this blog right after, consider yourself lotto-plain' ready and worthy. Cha-ching...

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