Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As a friend described it, it's New Brunswick in Brooklyn night. So this Thursday (tomorrow) come out to Brooklyn to see us, the Weird Fantasy Band, Mattress, and Silent Way. Man, that bill is so hot, it's burnin' my retinas just looking at it. Thinking about it's killing brain cells. Well, I can't stop thinking about it so I'm on my way to being a vegetable. Ok, so the show is $7 and it begins at 9 with doors at 8. Hope to see some of you transplants and travelers there. Also, Strange Rivals wereplaying, then weren't, then were again, but now I've been emailed that they won't be there. So if you were gonna come for them, come for the other bands instead. But bring your Strange Rivals enthusiasm with you!
Played last Saturday night in Long Branch at the good 'ol Brighton Bar. Nothing like a night with Jacko to lift your spirits. Ahhh, spirits, and lots of them. Vodka, PBR, cheap wine in a water bottle. Nothing like it. Drinking on the cheap and enjoying the perks of it. The playing was pretty alright too I thought. Sound got a little wonky in places on stage, but such is life. Played with Birthwater, who were a really cool band and a great bunch of guys. Montagna did a great solo set as well. A nice capper to the evening. It isn't ever night you can play with bands at the Brighton and leave feeling satisfied. Some of you who have played there probably exactly know what I mean. Some of you may have even caught one of my bands there and know exacty what I mean. Yikes!

Hope to see you in Brooklyn tomorrow night. Lots of split releases coming this year! More info tba. Splitting up is fun to do.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our band's initials also stand for "bowel movement"

So it's as good a time as ever to announce that you may be able to see us in the flesh, t-shirts, and denim at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ. That's Saturday, January 23rd. Actually, based on the clock, that's technically today. It's 2:00 AM and we're playing in less than 24 hours. If you wanna come, the show is $8 and it starts at 9 PM. Not 21? It does not matter. Just as long as you're a legal adult, you can come in the doors and enjoy the night.

In other none regional news, we are going on tour in March. Our friends and band of merry pranksters, Silent Way, from New Brunswick graciously asked us to tag along with them as they head out to Illinois and back. So we're taking them up on that offer, and hope to meet some interesting characters out on the road. A couple of humorous snapshots of misshapen roadside trees is also a plus. But moreover, a couple of decent shows will work out nicely too. So far, I only know of a couple confirmed spots that Silent Way's booked us, but there's going to be more info on that graveyard that they call Myspace (musicspace), shortly.

In recording news, we're hoping to be doing a split 7" with our friends and compatriots, Savantes, from Brooklyn. Right now, it's all a pipe dream, but hopefully that will come to fruition, because we have songs, Savantes has songs, recording's a possibility, as is pressing. Expect that after we finally release our split 7" with Granny Frost sometime in 2010.

Hopefully, see you soon!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Brunswick Travels and Vinyl records Everywhere

Hello one and all. Welcome to a short post. We just wanted to do public post and thank CJ for letting us play the show last Friday @ Jimmy Carter's Head/Nuts in New Brunswick. He'll probably never read this but thank you regardless. And internet fist pumps been seen and felt to SLAW, Mattress, and General Interest. It was a fucking great show all around minus the frozen fingertips, and Mattress gets better and better and I'm glad I can finally snuggle up with their 7" and whisper sweet nothings to it. So good!

Currently, we're putting the final mixes on two songs for our split 7" which has been in the talk and back and forth financial planning for sometime but it's almost all systems go. Should be sending it out to be pressed soon. You'll probably find it in the bin above in the next 3 years. In the meantime, we're playing kind of a filler show next Saturday @ Brighton Bar in Long Branch. Also, Montagna from Montagna and the Mouth to Mouth is playing solo and he's a cool guy and that band's awesome. We go on at 9:45 on the 23rd and would like to wink to you from stage.

On a separate note, K.'s iTunes is slow as fuck and we're only 439 cds into this all year project of awesome car ride listening. Now, a moral dilemma. Do I begin to delete all the Sonic Youth bonus tracks to make room for The Fall's bonus tracks? What's worthless and what isn't? Ahh, it's so slllllowwwwww. Shelves and shelves of shiny disc laughing at us.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January Adventures through NY with brick mower

So, just woke up, recuperating from whatever it was that unfolded at Pianos in NY last night. If you've never been to Pianos, then you're probably not a musician looking for any 'ol place that'll book your band, or you're not a NYU student looking to get jarringly harassed by night's end. We cruised into town, Manhattan seemingly deserted for a Friday night. Must've had something to do with the 11 degree wind-chill.

Pianos is apparently an old Piano tuner-upper business that's been converted into a trendy bar up front, and a show space in the back. Getting through the crowd to the back was a challenge in itself, tapping many an ass with our clunky guitar cases. The backroom, however, wasn't so bad. It was fairly open, unlike Lit Lounge, and a little more comfortable to stand around in, unlike Lit Lounge.

So we got there at 10, and had to hang out to play at 1 am. Uggghh. So plenty of beer was consumed, time wasted, bathroom breaks taken. We watched The Dardys, who were a pretty cool NY band, play first. I liked these guys a pretty good deal. Well-written songs, good sound. Two others played after them, and both band's had synchronized dance moves and way too much crowd participation. At 12am, sorority gals and frat dudes with a lot of watermelon vodka in their stomachs eat that shit up.

Finally, we hit the stage at 1 o'clock. First song, the soundguy neglected to turn up the bass in the mix, so K. was basically hitting strings for naught. Finally, he did, but we were all out of tune anyway, with a broken string thrown in to boot. It's funny when you open with a 55 second song, and by its end half the people have left the room. The rest of the set was OK, mostly being heckled by drunks and recreational coke users screaming, "Knock my socks off" and "More bass, more cowbell." Right. I actually love Manhattan, but I think I'd be content staying away from their bars for quite sometime.

After the show, the band plus our friends, Shannon and Jon Z., headed into the "famous" Katz's Deli. If you've never been there, don't ever fucking go to this piece of shit place. It's where Meg Ryan had her fake orgasm in "When Harry Met Sally," and believe me, all the signs in the place let you fucking know it. If you're looking for a place that tries to recreate the feel and paranoia of a concentration camp, then walk into Katz's. When you enter, two security guards hand you a ticket so you can order. Be careful not to lose it, for if you do there's a $50 penalty!!!! We didn't see that sign and almost everyone misplaced their ticket. We spent five minutes searching coat pockets as the guards harassed us all to keep going to different lines. I spent $9.95 on a salt-less, tasteless chicken salad sandwich. And a fucking $3.5o diet Pepsi! I finally went to pay, where I was yelled at again that the cash register up front didn't take credit. I was ordered to walk to the back where a meat-cutter gave me a look like I asked him to have sex with me when I handed him my card. Then, I watched some poor sap plea with a guard that he couldn't find his ticket (I believed him to be telling the truth cause he seemed to have pure fear in his eyes). He was escorted to the front of the store where he was interrogated. If you wanna come here to see pictures of Mike Meyers and Rudy Gulliani on the wall, you've come to the right tourist trap. If not, go buy two meals in a million different other places. for what I paid for shit.

Finally, we left the city. In the words of James Murphy, "New York I love you. But you're bringing me down."

Also, this poignant message is right near the Holland Tunnel. Think about it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recapping 2009 & Off We March Into the Future

Welcome to our new blog! It's slow going but some members of this band are finally crawling into the 21st century. Wow, look at all this technology! And now, before your eyes, a true blog chronicling all the mundane details of the seminal Keansburg, NJ band, brick mower. I only say this because the only other bands we're aware of from this town are cover bands that 40+ year old chicks dig, very heavily!

So our new blog, our new year's baby, crawling forth from the the information-superhighway, still cocooned in fresh placenta! This will be another outlet to find out about what's going on in the 3 piece band. You can still check our myspace (www.myspace.com/brickmower) for all show updates and other info. Here, you'll eventually find more candid photos and fanzine-like scrolls about our terrible experiences, and some fun ones, of being in a fully functional garage-rock band.

So let's recap '09, shall we. Hmmm, it was all such a blur. Basically, we sprung forth at the tale-end of July and recorded our EP immediately before we had a show. We played our first show @ Courtlandtland in New Brunswick, NJ in late October thanks to our friend Kelli K. We played more after. We released our CD through our label, Viking on Campus. From there, we played more shows and released split tape with the great band, Granny Frost, through the Songs on Tape label.

Wow, that almost took my breath away thinking of all the fast times at the Jersey shore (FLOORPUNCH, BAMMMM!) And sorry to all that were at The Asbury Lanes show on Wed. 12/30 to usher out the new year. I had a bad stomach virus and we managed to get through it but that's one night that I was looking forward to for weeks that I'd like to forget. But, oh well, no one died so I guess it was all worth it. So, let's march on.

Finally, we're playing @ Pianos in NYC this Friday. We're supposedly playing at the ungodly hour of 1 AM!!! So, if you have a huge heart and wanna come out to hang, we'll buy you a beer and give you a big, disease free hug!