Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As a friend described it, it's New Brunswick in Brooklyn night. So this Thursday (tomorrow) come out to Brooklyn to see us, the Weird Fantasy Band, Mattress, and Silent Way. Man, that bill is so hot, it's burnin' my retinas just looking at it. Thinking about it's killing brain cells. Well, I can't stop thinking about it so I'm on my way to being a vegetable. Ok, so the show is $7 and it begins at 9 with doors at 8. Hope to see some of you transplants and travelers there. Also, Strange Rivals wereplaying, then weren't, then were again, but now I've been emailed that they won't be there. So if you were gonna come for them, come for the other bands instead. But bring your Strange Rivals enthusiasm with you!
Played last Saturday night in Long Branch at the good 'ol Brighton Bar. Nothing like a night with Jacko to lift your spirits. Ahhh, spirits, and lots of them. Vodka, PBR, cheap wine in a water bottle. Nothing like it. Drinking on the cheap and enjoying the perks of it. The playing was pretty alright too I thought. Sound got a little wonky in places on stage, but such is life. Played with Birthwater, who were a really cool band and a great bunch of guys. Montagna did a great solo set as well. A nice capper to the evening. It isn't ever night you can play with bands at the Brighton and leave feeling satisfied. Some of you who have played there probably exactly know what I mean. Some of you may have even caught one of my bands there and know exacty what I mean. Yikes!

Hope to see you in Brooklyn tomorrow night. Lots of split releases coming this year! More info tba. Splitting up is fun to do.

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