Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spend Friday night in Jersey City, not getting mugged and dancing!

There are several things I'm sure will always happen to me in life. I'll always loose a new pair of gloves, and once or twice a year, a show I'm playing in will be canceled because of snow. And now all I hear about is this massive snow storm we're supposed to get. Well, I'm not giving in yet. You hear me Mother Nature!!! We shall see what these forecasters predict as Friday draws closer. In the meantime, get yourselves ready for the show @ Automata Chino in Jersey City. It's located @ 99 Greene St. We go on at 11, and we're the first band. A bit late for my grandmother, but it's okay because I didn't send her a Facebook invite anyway. It's a 21+ show, which sucks, seriously. Sorry.

Also, I've thanked most of the bands numerous times for playing last Thursday @ Shea Stadium in Brooklyn. The show was fucking awesome. Every band put us to shame, which is cool because I feel a pretty good time was had by all. Any night I can get actual metal screws as drink tickets and leave with a Stupid Party 12" is alright by me.

Here's a picture of my old station wagon. I posted this picture on Criagslist. A guy and his son drove 4 and a half hours from Pennsylvania to load it onto their flatbed back in October. The clutch was worn to shit, the door was falling off, and the air hadn't worked for two summers. Ahh, she's beautiful.

Also, Drucker is doing a diligent job booking our week long tour for March. If anyone has any other hot leads about shows let us know. Possibly making a pit-stop in Chicago to play now? Hope so. We'll see you on the road or in the snow.

Finally, this is a picture of me typing the blog. Actually, no it's not. It's my old apartment. What a gorgeous mess.

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