Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have drum, will travel (LOOKING FOR A DRUMMER)

YES, THAT'S RIGHT. WE NEED A DRUMMER. If you've been talking to me recently, I've probably asked you if a.) you play drums, or b.) you know anyone who plays drums. Many friends have given us leads, which we thank you. More impressively, we've actually met and played with people who've been willing to help us over a short period of time, and we thank you more (Brian, Mike K., Dave, Marty). Scruff from The Tea and Whiskey described our drum conundrum as a very Spinal Tap situation. But no one is dead so it's not identical. No bizarre gardening accidents have occurred yet.

BUT IF YOU PLAY DRUMS, OR KNOW ANYONE, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!! That's an order, dagnabbit. We're looking for someone who can play (almost) all nights of the week (for shows, not Black Flag style practicing), preferably over 21, not a dick or into the needle, has a car, and um, you know. Get in touch with us.
or message us at

Also, we are playing K. Gogan's Birthday show @ The Charleston in Brooklyn this Friday. Show starts @ 8. Savantes play around then, then us. Come out. It will be fucking awesome. Throw cake at K.!
Thanks a lot.

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