Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New News is Some News

Hey guys.  We're happy to announce on our end that we will be apart of Don Giovanni Records, who will be releasing our 2nd LP in the early fall, just in time to get you back to school.    You can read the official blurb here from the Don Giovanni Records' website.

More developments on the record will be coming out through the summer.  Right road ravaged Kristin?....


Also, we're still plotting some points for our summer tour with Black Wine, whose 3rd LP comes out on July 3rd.  Our U.S. tour looks like this.

From what I'm told, this picture was taken from space.  Actually, I don't bleieve this since I remember drawing the path on this hi-resolution map with a Sharpie. From the look of it, it appears our tour is a smaller version of the U.S. tucked inside the larger, actual U.S., but with pronounced phallic, tommy-gun quality to it.  Black Wine has pranked us again.

And in the blood, sweat, and lock-youself-inside for hours department,  here's a new batch of shirts we finally re-screened up   Maybe we have that orange or red one you were looking for at the last show?

Wait.  Let's get serious a minute here folks....

Monday, June 4, 2012

Snazzy Shoes, I Do Say

Hey everyone. In breaking news, a google search has confirmed that our band still has a free standing myspace page! How about that?

 In other news, we have some new dates confirmed for our tour with Black Wine this summer, still looking for a few others.
Here's us with Paul Reverb.

 In other, other news, we have finished mixing our upcoming LP and it will hopefully be out sometime before the comet comes and takes us all away to that utopian paradise.

 In more freakin’ news, we have some local shows coming up before we head out:
 6/20 @ Asbury Lanes- Asbury Park, NJ w/ Smokejumper, Billy Ragyun, Black Wine, and Sun Puddles
 6/25 @ Cooler Ranch- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Lipstick Homicide, Rational Anthem, Tiny Teeth

 Ok, I think we’re good here. Someone is knocking on my door at work and they’re about to get karate chopped.

 OH, and big thank yous to all the people who hooked up our sporadic touring the last month up and down the coast. Also, big thank you goes to Fred Matthews and Dan Webb in Massachusetts for helping me solder my guitar back together. You are saints. Goddamn saints.

 Finally, here's a cool write up that appeared on 16 Shutter Magazine's site about our appearance at Treasure Fest in Charlotte, NC a couple weeks ago. You can read the stuff here.

 See ya at the beach. Yeah right.