Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some shows and SUMMER TOUR (plans)


Yea, so it's time to report on the weekly brick mower home front. So some stuff's going down in the heart of the Hub City, that is New Brunswick NJ this WED. There's a show at THE LOFT (ask for address if you don't know it).

Yea, Sexycrimes (members of The Measure/Dynamite Arrows) is playing, and Sportsbar is touring from VA (in case you were unable to read the print on the flyer). Should be a fantastic time all around thanks to Jay Insult (you know him, you love him, he loves you, and so on and so forth).

Thanks to everyone who came out to The Alamo last night for Easter to support SLAW and us, and check out Tropical Punk, Music Band, and Joe Steinhardt's Modern Hut, all from Ithaca, NY. Damn! What a night, minus the torrential downpours. Yea, that was me running to the car to check on gear, and then sitting in the backseat for 20 minutes as Rain Forest force rains struck the car. Boo-hoo.

AND, although it's been announced in the online form about a week ago on some other websites and blog palaces, the brick mower compound sends the breaking news that we're joining forces with our best buddy band, Black Wine on one of their 2 two week tours this summer (how's that for alliteration). So here are the dates with BLACK WINE, that'll we'll be doing.

Fri. July 22-Wilkes-Barre, PA
Sat. July 23-Syracuse, NY
Sun. July 24-Buffalo, NY
Mon. July 25-Cleveland, OH
Tue. July 26-Ann Arbor, MI
Wed. July 27-Dayton, OH
Thu. July 28-Chicago, IL
Fri. July 29-Appleton, WI
Sat. July 30-Duluth, MN
Sun. July 31-Minneapolis, MN
Mon. August 1-Iowa
Tue. August 2-Milwaukee, WI
Wed. August 3-Bloomington, IN
Thu. August 4-Cincinnati, OH
Fri. August 5-Columbus, OH
Sat. August 6-Hanover, PA


See you soon.

-4/27 @ The Loft- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Sexycrimes, Sportsbar 6 PM

-5/7 @ Siren Records- Doylestown, PA w/ Dead Ringer, Melissa and Paul 8 PM

-5/8 @ Chadd's Pad- Chadd Ford, PA w/ Nona, The Snails, Paul Blest 6 PM

-5/14 @ Nacho House (last show/MATINEE)- Newark, DE w/ Mountain Dude, Alien Father, Wisdom Tooth 3 PM

-5/14 @ Skate Jawn House (late show)- Philadelphia, PA w/ Mountain Dude, Alien Father, Hex-I-Am 7 PM

-5/27 @ The Alamo- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Sister Kisser, Young Leaves, Eternal Fuzz, 3Jane 6 PM

for info on shows email: vikingoncampus@gmail.com

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thanks But I'm Full: 12 Steps to Raising a Healthy Child

Don't fuck with Pete!

Well, we all made it back after our weekend of bad traffic, bad rain, bad stomch pains, bad acne, bad headaches, and killer shows. Seriously, there was a shit ton of "bad" going on. I mean, 6 and a half hours from NJ to Boston? DAMN! But either way, it was a stellar weekend in Somerville, Dover, and Worcester. Here's a few actions shots from Meg Gaudette at Slaughterhouse 5 in Dover, NH.

And here's the gentle giants of The Young Leaves, Christopher and Pete looking o' so handsome. Sorry Simon.

But despite all the crap-tastic weather, and bitter cold slap of reality that old man April brought to us, a good time was had by all. Well, except when we found out we bought coffee from some strange religiously funded coffeehouse when the "cool"one that throws shows was right down the road.

Thanks to everyone for making it happen at Starlab last Friday, the Lowell brothers and everyone at Slaughterhouse for making killer baked goods and pizza, Billy Raygun (don't worry Zac, still love ya!), Christopher for the floor in Holliston, and whoever the fuck's house we stayed at in Cambridge. Dan, I believe? Your tap water was delicious, and apartment very empty. Seriously, who did we stay with? We got a key and directions from Josh Hoey, and off we went. And thanks to Red Cloud and Bovachevo in Worcester for watching us and buying stuff. Sorry we couldn't stick around. Oh, and here we are in Worcester, MA. If you ever go to the Hotel Vernon, make sure to check out the boat-themed backroom complete with working wheel on the stage (see behind Steve). Spin it fast or it will squeak, and you piss off the bartenders.

And, if you're in the NJ region, please be sure to come out to this show this upcoming Easter. After you've had dinner with your families, found all your eggs, and celebrated the 1978th anniversary of Jesus defying the laws of death come out to The Alamo house in New Brunswick. SLAW will be there, as well as a crap load of touring bands from Ithaca, NY. See ya. Happy hunting.


4/24 @ The Alamo- New Brunswick, NJ w/ SLAW, Modern Hut, Tropical Punk, Music Band (ask for address) 6 PM $ for touring bands

4/27 @ The Loft- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Sexycrimes (VA/NM), Sports Bar (VA) +1 6 PM $5 for touring bands

5/7 @ Siren Records- Doylestown, PA w/ Dead Ringer, Good Friend Electric 8 PM donate

5/8 @ Mimi's House- West Chester PA w/ Nona + more (message for address)

5/14 @ Skate Jawn House- Philadelphia, PA w/ Mountain Dude, Alien Father 7 PM

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hitting the Road with Young Leaves

Hey Everyone. Just dropping in to report on our weekend tour we’re gonna be doing with our buddies The Young Leaves up in New England this weekend. Friday we’ll be at Starlab in Somerville MA, Saturday up in Dover NH @ Slaughterhouse 5, and Sunday in Worcester MA @ Hotel Vernon. It’s a dope trifecta. BOOM! And lots of thanks in advance to the Leaves for helping with these days, and the Slaughterhouse 5 gang for having us. ALSO, the day after our Saturday night show is a Sunday matinee with Black Wine and Night Birds! Goshdamn, Dover knows what’s up. And, as reported in the pervious post, we filmed a set for the show Setlist TV on C-TV out in Staten Island. This will broadcast on (I believe) the last Wed. in April at 11 pm, and again that last Friday at 12 am in the NYC/north Jersey area. Don’t know all those details yet. In the meantime, you can enjoy some photos of us looking like we’re in some late-90s video, under the sea.

Thanks to Alisson Lussier and Eileen from Setlist TV for taking some of these picutures.


4/15 @ Starlab - Somerville, MA w/ The Young Leaves, Real Good, Dan Webb & the Spiders

4/16 @ Slaughterhouse 5- Dover, NH w/ Billy Raygun, The Young Leaves, + 1

4/17 @ Hotel Vernon- Worcester, MA w/ The Young Leaves, Red Cloud, Bovachivo

4/24 @ The Alamo- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Modern Hut, Tropical Punk, SLAW

5/7 @ Siren Records- Doylestown, PA w/ Dead Ringer + more

5/8 @ Mimi's House - West Chester PA w/ TBA

Email us @ vikingoncampus@gmail.com for show info

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Update from the brick mower Compound

Hey everyone. I hope you’re all enjoying your week, in this not so gorgeous month of April we’ve been having. Unless you live in Puerto Rico. I don’t know. I'm guessing it’s beautiful there. And if it is, I hate to shit on your parade with my boo-hooing of NJ weather patterns. So, just wanted to say thanks to any of the people who came out the Screaming Females/Black Wine/brick mower show @ Maxwell’s last Wed. or anyone who made it out to Asbury Lanes last night and helped out Fat Shadow get back on the road. And if you came out, and really are reading this, than that’s just amazing.

In other news, we are heading out to Staten Island tonight to record our TV spot for the season 2 premiere of Setlist TV. Tom Tobin was nice enough to invite our photogenic faces over the bridge to tape this. AND, apparently we’re going to get food too!!! WHAT?! I like food. So look for the program to air sometime at the end of April. The videos will also be up on youtube. Speaking of youtube, here’s a couple live jams from our March tour below.

AND FINALLY. Come out to this show tomorrow night @ Meat Town USA. It’s a birthday show for myself and Tim Burke. Also, do not miss Sundials from Richmond. They rule.

And, don't forget about this Sunday matinee show, happening this weekend @ Bands on a Budget in Asbury Park, NJ Come out and help the Lovey Dovies on tour.

That about does it.



4/8 @ Meat Town USA- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Backpocket, Sun Puddles, Sundials (VA)

4/10 @ Bands on a Budget- Asbury Park, NJ w/ Mister Snake, the Lovey Dovies

4/15 @ Starlab- Somerville, MA w/ The Young Leavs, Real Good, Dan Webb & the Spiders

4/16 @ Slaughterhouse 5- Dover, NH w/ Billy Raygun, The Young Leaves

4/17 @ Hotel Vernon- Worcester, MA w/ The Young Leaves, Red Cloud, Bovachivo

Email us at vikingoncampus@gmail.com for any info on these shows.