Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hitting the Road with Young Leaves

Hey Everyone. Just dropping in to report on our weekend tour we’re gonna be doing with our buddies The Young Leaves up in New England this weekend. Friday we’ll be at Starlab in Somerville MA, Saturday up in Dover NH @ Slaughterhouse 5, and Sunday in Worcester MA @ Hotel Vernon. It’s a dope trifecta. BOOM! And lots of thanks in advance to the Leaves for helping with these days, and the Slaughterhouse 5 gang for having us. ALSO, the day after our Saturday night show is a Sunday matinee with Black Wine and Night Birds! Goshdamn, Dover knows what’s up. And, as reported in the pervious post, we filmed a set for the show Setlist TV on C-TV out in Staten Island. This will broadcast on (I believe) the last Wed. in April at 11 pm, and again that last Friday at 12 am in the NYC/north Jersey area. Don’t know all those details yet. In the meantime, you can enjoy some photos of us looking like we’re in some late-90s video, under the sea.

Thanks to Alisson Lussier and Eileen from Setlist TV for taking some of these picutures.


4/15 @ Starlab - Somerville, MA w/ The Young Leaves, Real Good, Dan Webb & the Spiders

4/16 @ Slaughterhouse 5- Dover, NH w/ Billy Raygun, The Young Leaves, + 1

4/17 @ Hotel Vernon- Worcester, MA w/ The Young Leaves, Red Cloud, Bovachivo

4/24 @ The Alamo- New Brunswick, NJ w/ Modern Hut, Tropical Punk, SLAW

5/7 @ Siren Records- Doylestown, PA w/ Dead Ringer + more

5/8 @ Mimi's House - West Chester PA w/ TBA

Email us @ for show info

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