Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Tour w/ Black Wine UPDATES

Hey guys. It's been a while since I sat down and typed some spiel on this spiel machine. Feels good to get the blood flowing through the fingertips again. Ahh, the art of typing.

In 1 week, we'll be heading out with our compatriots, Black Wine (makers of such things as "Couch Critics" and the new Summer of Indifference LP) Speaking of Summer of Indifference, if you haven't heard it yet, or picked it up well you better have a good excuse. Loosing all your money at the track. Your house just burned down? Sure. These are acceptable reasons.
You think you're too cool? You're an idiot? Those are just plain old dumb excuses. Pick up their record here.

SO, here's the newly updated list of where we'll be and what's goin on down:

Sat. July 23-York, PA @ The Depot
Sun. July 24-Buffalo, NY @ Sugar City
Mon. July 25-Lakewood, OH @ Soggy Dog House
Tue. July 26-Detroit, MI @ Jumbo's
Wed. July 27- Elgin, IL @ The Gasthaus
Thu. July 28-Chicago, IL @ TBA
Fri. July 29-Appleton, WI @ The BFG House
Sat. July 30-Duluth, MN @ The Round Up
Sun. July 31-Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar
Mon. August 1-Iowa City, IA @ Public Space One
Tue. August 2-Milwaukee, WI @ Ground Zero
Wed. August 3-Cincinatti OH @ The Drinkery
Thu. August 4- Columbus, IN @ DiHi Records (early show, 7 PM)
Thu. August 4-Indianapolis, IN @ The Melody Inn (laste show, 9:30 PM)
Fri. August 5-Columbus, OH @ Monster House
Sat. August 6-Hanover, PA @ Kclinger's

If you, or your loved ones are in on of these area, we encourage you to come out, and say hello.

ALSO, you can stream our 7'' Why are We Doing This? here:
It'll be out on Rok Lok Records next month, and features 4 songs recorded in early 2010, more of a demoing session. But it's nice to see these artifacts see the light of day.

Carry on, you wayward bum.