Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Brunswick Travels and Vinyl records Everywhere

Hello one and all. Welcome to a short post. We just wanted to do public post and thank CJ for letting us play the show last Friday @ Jimmy Carter's Head/Nuts in New Brunswick. He'll probably never read this but thank you regardless. And internet fist pumps been seen and felt to SLAW, Mattress, and General Interest. It was a fucking great show all around minus the frozen fingertips, and Mattress gets better and better and I'm glad I can finally snuggle up with their 7" and whisper sweet nothings to it. So good!

Currently, we're putting the final mixes on two songs for our split 7" which has been in the talk and back and forth financial planning for sometime but it's almost all systems go. Should be sending it out to be pressed soon. You'll probably find it in the bin above in the next 3 years. In the meantime, we're playing kind of a filler show next Saturday @ Brighton Bar in Long Branch. Also, Montagna from Montagna and the Mouth to Mouth is playing solo and he's a cool guy and that band's awesome. We go on at 9:45 on the 23rd and would like to wink to you from stage.

On a separate note, K.'s iTunes is slow as fuck and we're only 439 cds into this all year project of awesome car ride listening. Now, a moral dilemma. Do I begin to delete all the Sonic Youth bonus tracks to make room for The Fall's bonus tracks? What's worthless and what isn't? Ahh, it's so slllllowwwwww. Shelves and shelves of shiny disc laughing at us.

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