Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recapping 2009 & Off We March Into the Future

Welcome to our new blog! It's slow going but some members of this band are finally crawling into the 21st century. Wow, look at all this technology! And now, before your eyes, a true blog chronicling all the mundane details of the seminal Keansburg, NJ band, brick mower. I only say this because the only other bands we're aware of from this town are cover bands that 40+ year old chicks dig, very heavily!

So our new blog, our new year's baby, crawling forth from the the information-superhighway, still cocooned in fresh placenta! This will be another outlet to find out about what's going on in the 3 piece band. You can still check our myspace ( for all show updates and other info. Here, you'll eventually find more candid photos and fanzine-like scrolls about our terrible experiences, and some fun ones, of being in a fully functional garage-rock band.

So let's recap '09, shall we. Hmmm, it was all such a blur. Basically, we sprung forth at the tale-end of July and recorded our EP immediately before we had a show. We played our first show @ Courtlandtland in New Brunswick, NJ in late October thanks to our friend Kelli K. We played more after. We released our CD through our label, Viking on Campus. From there, we played more shows and released split tape with the great band, Granny Frost, through the Songs on Tape label.

Wow, that almost took my breath away thinking of all the fast times at the Jersey shore (FLOORPUNCH, BAMMMM!) And sorry to all that were at The Asbury Lanes show on Wed. 12/30 to usher out the new year. I had a bad stomach virus and we managed to get through it but that's one night that I was looking forward to for weeks that I'd like to forget. But, oh well, no one died so I guess it was all worth it. So, let's march on.

Finally, we're playing @ Pianos in NYC this Friday. We're supposedly playing at the ungodly hour of 1 AM!!! So, if you have a huge heart and wanna come out to hang, we'll buy you a beer and give you a big, disease free hug!

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