Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life After Black Wine

Well, we just got back from 3 days with NJ's best band of record appreciation worship, and all things you need to know in life. No, I'm not talking about Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes or Naughty by Nature. I'm waxing 'bout Black Wine.

So yea, how did it go you ask? Well, swell. Friday we played the Banana Stand. Ah Horse Hockey released their EP at this show which is pretty sweet. Got to see OMAR who were awesome too! And yea, then there's Black Wine. (Later we got to hang out with Perry, Jarrett, Kristina, Alejandro, and the scared roommate who was surprised to find us sleeping in his kitchen/living room the next morning who I'm sure is a cool dude too. AND, Nacho the cat!).

Saturday, got to hang out with Dan from Dead Mechanical. Hell, even got to sleep in Dan's bed!!1!1! Well, not Dan's bed. But one of his bed. How was the show @ Charm City Art Space? It was rad, that's how it was. Crimes and Head Homes played and were both really awesome. And then there was Black Wine.

Sunday, was fantastic at Meat Town USA. Scope shots handed out by Ryan of RSO playing their LAST New Jersey show, which sucks. The Young Leaves played their best set yet (and 3rd we've gotten to play with these hairy, gentle giants from MA). And then Black Wine played.

So yea. Black Wine. How many times can I type it? I don't know. Feel free to count in your free time. Here's live shot of said band. BOOM!

But, in a serious tone please, eternal thanks go out to 3 of the most genuine people around. We all love these guys and gal, and owe them a lot (even though Jeff owes me $3000 over a very poorly made bet regarding bagel spreads, but I'll let this one slide, THIS TIME!!!).

I wish I had more pictures from this weekend. I need to start carrying my camera more to document. I guess I'm afraid to acknowledge things like Alzheimers and wet brain. Oh well.

NEXT SHOWS this weekend:
1/15 @ Dad's Haus in Philly w/ Backpocket!!!, Spraynard, Ah Horse Hockey, Glocca Morra 6:30 PM

1/17 @ Party Xpo in Brooklyn w/Dirty Blonde, Dude Japan, Wagers 7 PM

Piece out.

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Miranda said...

ME:"I want 100 more days of touring with you guys!!"
ERIC: "uhh you and jeff really need to work on 'numbers'"

we owe you.