Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tallying up the Tour/Pictures/Future shows and info

Hey everyone in the world, and your future relatives.   Brick Mower here. Back in New Jersey after 3 weeks driving around the United States getting runny noses, and floor rash every night on donated hardwood sleeping areas!   What an adventure it was.    Here's some tour stats.

Miles traveled: 5,200 somethin or other
Different states played: 15
Different States we used the bathroom in: 19
New states played on tour:  MS, LA, KS, NE
Broken guitar stings:  3.   Huh?  Not too shabby
Canceled fucking shows: 2...  sucks
Things lost (from Eric):  1 favorite gray jacket with 3 buttons, 1 cell phone charger donated on a previous tour, 1 peppermint complementary mint
Weddings we all missed on tour: 1  (congrats J. Nixon and Tara Loversidge)
Number of throwed rolls consumed at Lambert's Home of Throwed Rolls in Alabama: 7

OKAY, that about does it.   Here's some shitty Pictures:   But first.... thank you to all of our friends that helped us out with shows, places to stay, meals, snacks, drinks, showers, and the kindest hospitality we've recieved.  Special thanks to JD for being the best house show donations collector ever, and to Chad for covering our ass at the Chinese Buffet in Tennessee. A rare tour splurge for sure.


You're Jovian!  They rule. 

Dragons in traffic. 

It's been found!

The most complacent dog we've ever met. 


Fuel for the fun game. 


Where is Nickelodeon's The Big Help when you need it? 

Houston Cat

The Grassy Knoll in Dallas

2nd window from the top is where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. OR, so we're told......


Kansas dudes illuminated. 

Wedding bomb.

Chef Boyardee

Thanks Kelly!


  You can now pick up our new LP My Hateable Face  from our webstore, here as well as Don Giovanni Records and the No Idea Records distro.

Show information also updated on the side.    We will be hitting the New England area twice in November, as well as playing a few NJ and NY shows along the way (including two with our buds The Sidekicks on their never-ending tour from Columbus, OH).    

In addition, we're going to be out on a short mid-west tour in December hitting up PA, OH, MI, IL, WI, IN, OH, and MD.   Check for it soon.

Finally, more trips next year, including west coast again.  And for those asking about the split 7'' with Black Wine....  as the orphaned J.P. in Disney's Angels in the Outfield once said "It could happen!"   As I say, "it will happen."  Shut up J.P.! Stay tuned.

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