Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leaving NJ- March tour w/ Silent Way

Well, it's a monsoon outside and we're getting ready to get in the van with Silent Way. First stop, Charm City Arts Space in Baltimore, MD. We've got the shows listed below on our last post and on our myspace.

Got our books, underwear, and pasta packed up and ready to go. We'll try to give some updates as we go. Hope all is well while we're gone. It's only a week, though. But a week can be long without your cat. Sad faces all around. But, hope to see you on the open road. AND, Granny Frost had been added to our March 18th show in Chicago. If that doesn't mean shit to you, well, then that's fine. But to us it's big. Granny Frost put out a split tape with us the end of last year and we've got a split 7'' coming out next month, so this is an honor for us. Weep weep, sentimental praise. Ok.

Also, "Dogs in Water" EP will be out tomorrow at our show. It's limited to 35. Don't worry, we've left several behind if you actually want to acquire one. See you soon..., uh, mom?

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