Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RECORDING weekend & FREE stuff

Hey gang,
So the time is upon us all. No, it's not 2012. It's time to record the full-length. Yup, that's right. If you've been following this, or talked to one of us, you may recall our calender plans for this weekend. We're going into the Hunt Studio to record with Eric Bennet, who did records for such awesome rib-stickin' bads... oppps, I mean bands, such as Black Wine, Screaming Females, Full of Fancy and more. So,that's where we'll be if you need to reach us. And of course there are three good shows Fri., Sat., and Sun. that I wanna go see in Philly and NY, but duty calls. Bummer.


AND, if you haven't got it yet, our "Floors" EP is up for FREE download over at our bandcamp site. It's been out a little over a year, and if you haven't heard it yet you might as well have the tracks. But, if you're a nut like me and still want the physical release on CD, we still have that available too.

Download at:
(copy and paste this bad boy. The link option wasn't workin').

We'll keep you posted on more details. Plus, some nice stuff is shaping up for the New Year, including some early year tours, a new 7'' in the spring, and oh yea, that album I guess. Stay tuned.


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Kiwi said...

I want that wine right meow.