Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In the Can

Hey all. So we finished up recording our full-length this past weekend during a couple of marathon sessions. Through the good graces of Eric Bennett, we were able to hammer down 11 songs into the artery of history. Hopefully, we didn't hit too much fatty tissue.

Now we gotta get this sucker mastered and see what's going to happens with this. We're hoping to have it out in March, around when we might be heading south to explore some unvisited regions of America with our implements of rockin' noise. But again, we shall see.

Here's some very few pictures from the weekend:

Yea, those weren't exciting at all. Well such is the nature of the beast when you only have a camera phone because band members like to borrow family-owned cameras and loose them in sock drawers and under car seats. Speaking of camera phones, here's a picture from one. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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