Sunday, December 26, 2010

Finish Out the X-Mas Season @ McCormkick's!

Come out and celebrate your post holiday depression with a group of swell bands at McCormick's this Tuesday December 28th at McCormick's in New Brunswick, NJ. It's located at 266 Somerset St. Sorry, but it's 21+ which kind of sucks. Damn the MAN.

Also, Backpocket was supposed to play but were unable to so Black Wine is now stepping in to take their place.

Black Wine!
For Serious This Time (on tour from Long Island. Awesome band).
La Mowere' de Brricks
Sun Puddles (Erin from Full of Fancy, Tim from Backpocket, Eric from brick mower, Chris from general comedy).

And speaking of Black Wine, and Backpocket, we'll be going out with both bands on seperate weekends starting in January. But more on that later. Hope to see you there, and hope all your new sweaters your aunt got you fit nicely.

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