Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making the most of an unseasonably warm Saturday

Yes, the title of this blog will one day be the title of our rarely read, scantily published memoir. (publisher's note: no such book is in the works).

Today we demoed 5 songs from our upcoming 12 song "yet to be named" LP that we're going to be recording at the end of March at the Hunt Studio with master of the 29 track, Eric Bennett. Today, we recorded with the master of the home studio, Eric Gieg at his Vhit Huse studio. Here's some action shots.
Kit says, "F the BS"

Eric Gieg mentors Steve on how to grow the perfect beard.

Eric plays a gut-wrenching song to a chair.

4th take of vocals by special guest star.

These demos may see the light of day some day. But for now, let's mix 'em. Will be done by the beginning of March after some personal endeavors, so we can stress over them in group therapy.

Also, we'll be out and about for Kit's b-day weekend. Come out and say congrats on getting older to her and the rest of us as well.

2/24 @ Barclay House- Baltimore, MD
2/25 @ Church of Abraham- Richmond, VA

updates on tours, 7'' and LP recording, and general BS comin' shortly.

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