Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Are We Doing This? 7''/Recording/Tours, myself, and I

Finally, the much blogged about, never-materailized 7’’ Why are We Doing This? has in fact materialized. You can pick it up here at Rok Lok Records, the gracious Long Island label that put this slab of wax out for us. Thanks a ton to Mike Andriani for doing a bunch of leg work on this.

Brief history lesson on it for those who care about such things. The 7’’ is made up of old recordings made back in early 2010!!!! when the band was just getting its sea legs. And, ummm. That’s about it. After some delays in pressing, it’s finally out, and hope you enjoy.

Moving on. We spent a bunch of time this weekend at the Hunt Studio with our right-hand band Black Wine and trusty engineer Eric Bennett. The weekend resulted in both bands recording our respective sides to the split 7’’ we’re going to be doing together. 2 songs from Black Wine. 2 songs from us Mowers, recorded direct to the Tascam 388 and it’s ¼ tape of glory.
7’’ will be out in a little while. Hang tight folks.

And in recording news, we’re going back to the Hunt Studio to record our new LP My Hateable Face in 2 weeks. A new batch of tunes. That’ll be out sometime, somewhere, somehow.

And finally, here’s what our April tour’s lookin’ like so far.

4/11- Asbury Lanes- Asbury Park, NJ
4/12- The Legion- Brooklyn, NY w/ Teen Demon, Living Room, Timeshares
4/13- The Depot- York, PA
4/14- Dag House- Cleveland, OH
4/15- The Painted Lady- Detroit, MI
4/16- Ground Zero- Milwaukee, WI w/ Big Eyes
4/17- TBA - Chicago, IL w/ Lipreader, Rad Payoff
4/18- TBA- Cincinnati, OH w/ Vacation, The Sidekicks
4/19- 15th House- Columbus, OH
4/20- Aces High- Logan, WV
4/21- Most Wanted Art Space- Pittsburgh, PA

Also, we’re gonna be printing up some new shirts in the next couple weeks with a rad new design by our buddy Tom Lowell! We’ll post that jazz soon.

That’s it for now. Take it easy. Yeah, you.

Other shows:
3/15 – Lindenwold, NJ @ the Sex Dungeon w/ Eureka California (Athens, GA), Pink Type

3/24 – New York, NY @ The Cakeshop w/ Black Wine, Noun, Pets with Pets (Australia)

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