Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Ides of Starch (new t-shirts/show/new 7'')

What's going on with this winter/spring in the USA? Hey, meteorologists! We want answers.

Oh well. Anyway, the weather is nice and doesn't have anything to do with this band. We'd like to take credit for the nice weather that's pervaded the west to east of the states, but that'd be as pointless as taking credit for provolone cheese.

SO, tomorrow (today, because it's past eastern midnight), we're playing at The Cakeshop in NYC with Black Wine, Noun, and Pets with Pets (on tour from AUSTRALIA). Australia's far off, and the tolls from there to here have to suck worse than trying to take a day trip into Manhattan from NJ, and they are pretty bad nowadays. The show's at 8. Bands at 9. Get there and dance your bonkers off. This is a blurry flyer for it that's been online.

This flyer is very AOL circa '97. Rad!

Also, tomorrow, we'll have some new t-shirts for sale. These bad boys were drawn up by our buddy Tom Lowell of Slaughterhouse 5 fame out in New Hampshire, but now settles his rad bones in Seattle. Geography is neither here nor there, but here's a sample of the threads. Actually, geography is exactly here and there.

Also, thanks to our good as gold shirt pal Dragana Drobnjak for being out shirt screening partner in crime.

We'll be posting these on our webstore soon in case anyone wants to pick some up. Most are printed in tan and gray but we have a few in red and orange. Please inquire if interested.

Finally, our split 7" with Black Wine is finished with its mixing stage and will be out on Viking on Campus Records sometime before our summer tour with those good folks. Our side features the song "Shitty Parade" along with a cover of Columbus, OH's Gaunt and their tune "Jim Motherfucker." Black Wine's side has their song "Pants" b/w their much anticipated recording of Devo's "Freedom of Choice." !!!!

"That's all folks"- Bugs B.


Karen Michele said...

Red & Orange! I want! Small please!

It's Karen btw!

Karen Michele said...

Also... Slaughterhouse Five? My brother was in Slaughterhouse Five... are there multiple or is it the same? Investigating...

brick mower said...

Hey Karen! Orange and red it is. Also, Slaughterhouse 5 was a show house up in New Hampshire that is now no more. Sorry, same name, different pile of punks. See ya.