Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brick Mower - Weaving

Hey Champs. Got some stuff to watch, if you're eyes are getting dry. Here's a live video of us out in Ithaca, NY at The Space @ Greenstar from a week and some change ago. Looks like we're playing a death lair. Thanks Joe for posting this.

Also, our good compatriots Black Wine have put out this killer video for "Through the Foam" directed by Kate Sweeney which, unfortunately for us, was recorded while we were playing up in Ithaca doing that performance above. So hence, we are not extras. However, props to Miranda for wearing a very familiar and sharp looking t-shirt, if I do say so myself.

Also, for those in the south of NJ area of the USA, we'll be playing 2/24 @ Barclay House in Baltimore, MD and on 2/25 @ Church of Abraham (house, not church) in Richmond, VA. Hope to see yous'ses there.

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