Sunday, August 15, 2010

Massachusetts Weekend of Unwashed Underwear

Hello Hello Hello,
It's been quite a whirlwind week in the wonderful and frightening world of The Fall. No, wait. I mean brick mower. Yea, sleeps been a little wonky and my showering schedule's taken a loopy turn for poor hygiene factor territory.

But, as known to some, we took a trip up to Massachusetts last weekend with our compatriots Period Girls. Quite a time indeed. We got to play John Doe Jr. Records with The Young Leaves, who rule the world!!!

John Doe Records Jr. is such a cool records shop too. If you can make it out to Greenfield, MA, stop here. It's almost like they don't know how good they got it there. "Oh, yeah. Here's a copy of 'Freedom of Choice.' Give me $3 for it. Oh yeah, and here's some Replacements records. Ehh, I'll take $4 for 'em," says the casual beer sippin' stoner dad. WHAT THE FUCK .

We then drove 2 hours into the night out to Allson, MA, where we all stopped to pee in a church pakring lot. This was followed by Steve realizing he left his phone in the field next to said parking lot, and a 45 minute detour back into the moose lined road followed. Then, we nearly ran out of gas in the land of crickets and pitch black wilderness, all while playing the "Name a band that starts with the letter..." game. Colleen picked Partridge Family for "P," neglecting to remember she's in PPPPPeriod Girls. Oh Colleen.

Sunday, we played The Butcher Shoppe in Allston, MA, after being sassed the previous night by a touring band of idiots, playing a different house, who refused to move their goddamn Prism out of the road to let us pass. What a sassing it was.

But on Sunday itself, we circled Fenway Park, parussed Newbury Comics, and got sidetracked in the town of Quincy when we tried to get to the famous Quincy Market in Boston . Soooo, GPS took us 30 minutes out of the way to a convenience store called "Quincy Market", and a town without bathrooms. Kelli really showed her bladder endurance in Quincy. The mayor should give her the golden key to the city!

Charlie at the Butcher Shoppe, and Rick from Pile recieve endless thanks for getting us on the show, and having a bad ass BBQ on the front steps. Then, Kelli drove us all home from MA on a school night, and got us back safely, stinky, and sleepy. All hail, the driver.

Thanks Period Girls!!!
Here's some pictorials, or is it pectorals?:

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k said...

actually it was a burnt orange Honda Element with uhaul not a prism.

get it right, ricky