Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 23rd= Happy Belated Birthday, Keith Moon

and Colleen!

Yesterday was Colleen's birthday, the Period Girls' bass thumper and exquisite fucking cook/baker. To celebrate the situation, the whole mess of birthday shenanigans went down at Meat Town USA with In Air, the Weird Fantasy Band, Period Girls, and us. What a well rounded shebang. Like a bunch of smelly bums stuck in a festive pinata, the night went on with plenty of ear bleeding and birthday wishes, as well as blown instruments, busted noses, wasted kisses, flowing wine, and cheap thrills. OOOOhhhh, what a night.

Endless thanks to Tom of Mattress, Hunchback Craig, Kelli, Stefan, and anyone else who helped pass a second guitar around and plug me in, and for making every attempt to fix our crapped out gear before and as we played. Basically, everything that could break (even Steve's hand) did break. But oh well. What can you do? Tape it up and start again. So, the joint effort was much appreciated.

BUT, drum rolls please... Happy birthday to the Period Girls bassiest, raciest player of mayhem.

Furthermore this Saturday, we'll be back in New Brunswick @ The Court Tavern. We go on @ 10 pm.
Unfortunately, not really sure who's playing. In know a band called The Gazelle is playing. Not sure if this is actually the Iowa garage band, a different NJ band, or a real gazelle?

It might be our last show for a little under a month, unless something opens up along the way. Plus, there's a couple life obligations happening along the way. But, we'll play your b-day party/funeral if you want us to.

Also, seeking help for a weekend tour in VT, NH, and CT & then IL, WI, MN, MI, IN and some states in between. Got suggestions? Fill out the form and place it in the box. We like when it's full.

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K. Gogan said...

That dude hittin' the keys looks like that babe Jonny Wurster.

the captcha to this was "fockey"