Thursday, July 29, 2010


Remember that band? Tapes 'N Tapes? They certainly were something. Yea, I have their CDs. So what? You wanna fight now or something? Your CDs are better than my CDs? Is that it? Well I can go toe to toe Mr. Meanstuff. Sure, go ahead. Call me that. I'll just turn my Tapes N Tapes CD up louder and drown you out. Feel the rock.

Tapes n Tapes is also what we got for you!!!! Just in time to sell out of our brick mower/Granny Frost split cassette (put out last December by the Chicago based, Songs on Tape label), comes our newest tape calamity. It's the FLOORS ep, reissued here on cassette through the pride of Pennsylvania, Stumparumper Records.

Each tape is individually spiffed up for your enjoyment. It's like a maddened Security guard at the Crayola factory got hold of our tapes, and had his sensual way with them. They're all hand numbered with love from Pat Kelley, proprietor over at Stumparumper.

You can get them from us at shows or from Pat for just $2.50 at

And just get everything from that label. Seriously, all the releases are fucking awesome. The packaging on everything is SPECTACULAR. It's a shame if you don't own at least half the shit off that label.

Preaching a little? Maybe. Sorry. But, yes. Help support a fantastic DIY label.

Here's 2 shows you should know about coming up!

This one's tonight. If you happen to be reading this right now, cancel your plans. Actually, no wait. 2/3rds of us are mighty sick. Seems brick mower is either stalked by snow storms or colds/vomiting before our shows. So don't cream your pants over this one yet.

Then there's this show, which is next Wednesday. Could you ask for a better show? Ok, maybe if you wanted to see The Velvet Underground open up for Pavement at The Beatles' Shea Stadium concert. But that's impossible anyway. So don't even think such crazy thoughts. Take care, or take car.

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