Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey....



So what is with this "Floors" EP? Why the rereleaes you ask? Who are we? Aerosmith? Red Hot Chili Peppers? Three Doors Down? None of the above actually.

As reported in an earlier post, "Floors" is being released on Stumparumper Records in cassette format and limited, to I believe, 50 copies. Unfortunately, I don't have the cover art because I think I sent all the copies to Pat Kelley in Pennsylvania leaving me nothing to scan onto my computer but the side of my face or my butt cheeks. If you wanna see that, I'll be happy to accommodate your creepy "office party gone wrong" fantasies. But I'm not too keen on that.

We're also repressing the CD on Viking on Campus! "Floors" came out last October, right as we began playing shows and making this a functiong band. So why the "new version"? Well, we've sold out of the first run (not as impressive as it sounds). However, if you have the copy of the EP, you'll notice you can't read the song names on the back, and the disc art is flat out lame and blurry. So yeah, the new run of these CDs aren't "remastered by Bob Weston" or anything. They just have so me new artwork to look at. If you already own it, it's not worth getting again.

Also, Stumparumper Records will have a table at the annual Punk Rock Flea Market in Philadelphia on Sunday, July 25th. It's located @ 461 N. 9th St. and it's only $3 to get in. Stop by and say hi to Pat Kelley himself(mastermind behind Stumparumper Records). We too will be walking around, fingering our way through the record bins and getting into scuffles with local law enforcement.

Finally, a week tour may be in the works for October w/ Period Girls. Anyone have a van or a '4 X '8 trailer they wanna get rid of? We have money or a shit load of mid-80s baseball cards to give you.

Seriously, any leads on acceptable transportation is appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

....A kiddley divey too, wouldn't you?

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