Friday, April 30, 2010

Scratching the Vinyl Scene

Howdy, folks and folkettes. Our vinyl record has finally seen the light of day. Well, half the light of day. Meaning, we finally appear on one side of a 7'' record cause this baby's a split. Your parents may be more familiar referring to this vinyl format as a "45," meaning 45 Rotations Per Minute. Anyway, fuck your parents. This is a 7" which may sound suggestive, but believe us, it is not.

After a couple months of blood, sweat, and fears, the record has finally seen the light of day. Like a newborn baby busting forth from the fresh womb of shyness, our 7'' has taken to the streets with confidence and a lack of motor skills.So, you want the details? The 7'' was released on our very own Viking on Campus label. On Side A we have Granny Frost from Chicago, IL. Granny Frost is one of the best kept secrets we've been lucky enough to find. Granny Frost is one of the great enigmas of the world. The kind of music project that you dig through crates and crates of old dusty records hoping to stumble across. It's an honor to share a side with Mr. Granny Frost. Oh yeah, Kevin Oliver (of Granny Frost glam), has put out our previous split release on Songs on Tape last December, and "second time" is the new charm.

By the way, we only have three copies of those split tapes left as of now. If you want something fun to show your grandkids, you can email us @ for those tapes. Hell, if you want the brand spankin' new 7'' you can email us there too. Again, the number to call again is....

godnight, godbless, and godluck

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