Monday, April 19, 2010

Punk's Not Dead, It Just Hit the Hay

Show report! Show report! brick mower is gonna be playing some rock and roll tunes to the general public, who I'm told is into rock and roll music! All 3 bands plan to shake, rattle, roll, fall, spit, kick, and punch their way to freedom! Who else is playing? Cats Are Everywhere, that's who. Who else? Mike Bruno and the Mouths of Mire. Or as I like to say, Mike "Fucking" Bruno. I just don't like to say that around my mother.

If you don't know where the Brighton Bar is, it is at 121 Brighton Ave. in Long Branch, NJ.

Also, if you're hungry, I found something you might like at the store the other day. Take note of the upper corner of the jar. It's organic!

Our show is $7 to get in to. And Hair Mayonnaise is $10?!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

grrrl i want that hair mayo. it compliments my creamy crack.