Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools Everyone but Us


Figured I'd post a little post just in case you're anxious to get a little post in your life. Fair enough? Great.

So there's not much news to report. We're playing an in studio show on the radio program, "Overnight Sensations" on WRSU 88.7 FM. If you're not in NJ, I'm sure you can listen on the internet. That seems to be a reasonable technological alternative these days.

We are also playing a show @ The Litterbox on Thursday, April 15th w/ Daniel Francis Doyle (from Austin, TX), Rapid Cities, and Sparkle Shit. Show starts at 7 and it's in New Brunswick.

Hmmm, what else? Still waiting for our split 7'' with Granny Frost to come in. Back up at the plant I guess? I'll go ahead and just blame it on the economy like everyone else does. But that should be out soon, on Viking on Campus Records.

Thinking out loud for a moment, if I may, maybe I'll start posting more mundane shit, you know, like a real blog?

Finally, oh yes, we're working on songs for our full-length which we're hoping to record in late July or August. Enjoy your Easter, you pagans and athiests. Cheer up ya sad sacks.

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Love and Academia said...

a marriage of true minds, wrsu-- this girl's college stomping ground, and k. gogan--who inspired her to paint her nails blue in 5th grade. i approve!