Friday, April 16, 2010

This is Why Dave Can't Have Nice Things Anymore (all that and MORE)

Just finished up a whirlwind week. Why a whirlwind? Because I just felt like typing “whirlwind.” I don’t use it enough in my day to day conversations or writings, so I felt like now would be good time to employ “whirlwind.” Was it actually a “whirlwind” week? Well, more just like mildly gusty.

Got to play on WRSU’s “Overnight Sensations” show last Friday. Played 5 songs, including our #41, with a bullet, single, “The Worst Part of Loving You (is the Pain you Brew)(in your Cauldron)(you Witch).” Actually, now that I think about it, we forgot to play that song, but we did play others. Then we got to sit down for an hour with the show's host, Jared Migden, where we were interrogated, probed, and inspected in the nether regions of our young bodies. Jared really kicked ass, and let Dave Smilow (drummer extraordinaire for the night) and I talk about our fantasy baseball league for 10 nerd laden minutes. It was very punk rock and roll high school.

Last night, we got to play with Daniel Francis Doyle from the Lone Star state, Rapid Cities from the Garden State, Pearly from the Cal Ripken state, and Sparkle Shit from the State of the Union. This show marked the first appearance of newest brick mowianite drummer, Steve (yet another name to the list of awesome human beings who help us out on the drums).

If you were there, you may have heard my vocals chords shredding as I was downed with the sickness. I had the coughs. Also, while loading gear into our car before the show, we neglected to put K. Gogan’s bass in the car, and left it on the side of the road. It went unattended for about 35 minutes, until we realized we’d forgot it. K.’s wonderful mother was called. Momma Gogan drove to find where we left it, and stopped a 60 year old man who just began walking away with the bass, claiming he thought it was put out for garbage. Whoo-wee, crisis averted. So now K. is recovering from her traumatic near death encounter of her bass, 3 guitar pedals, and a tuner (not to mention a colorful collection of nifty thick picks).

This is what we think the man may have looked like stealing her guitar, based on eyewitness accounts and an artist rendering. .....

That’s all for now. NEXT SHOW @ BRIGHTON BAR in LONG BRANCH, NJ 4/22 @ 9PM 18+ We’re playing with Mike Bruno and Cats are Everywhere. Mike fucking rules, as does Cats are Everywhere. Come out because prime-time television sucks anyway. (The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the page author. The contents of this page have not been reviewed nor approved by Neilsen Media Research, based on remarks made regarding prime-time television. Viewer Discretion is Advised).

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