Monday, May 10, 2010

Upcoming Releases and Shows and Backbeaters

Hello y'all. Paula Dean here. No, just kidding. This is Eric from the supergroup brick mower. I say supergroup because Paula Dean has just joined on drums. No, just kidding. Why can't I stop talking about Paula Dean? Because her delicious recipes are weighing down my conscience and thought process. So, here's the scoop. A.) Paula Dean is a southern cookin' chef on the Food Network who got hit in the face with a frozen ham last X-mas (true story... see below) B.) Paula Dean is not in our band, and C.) Steve is drumming with us! Steve is not famous like Food Network cooks and chefs but he can play a mean drum and we're happy to have his steady paradiddles backing us up.

So, now that Steve's gonna bang the drum for us, we've got 2 shows to report. We'll be @ Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn on May 21st w/ Savantes and others. Then, on May 29th we'll be at The Court Tavern w/The Earaches. Both these shows begin at 9, and we play @ 9:30 at The Court Tavern. It'd be nice to see you, under these show-like conditions later in the month, whoever you are.

And more releases to announce. Stumparumper Records, the great label that's brought you such ear-candy such as Banned Books, Railcars, Fuck Montreal, has agreed to release our "Floors" EP on cassette. They will be limited to 50 with new cover art. These will help people with outdated automobile tape decks to sing along to us while stuck in rush hour traffic.

Also, Stumparumper will be putting out a lathe cut 6'' picnic-plate vinyl of us sometimes in the near future. Yes, that's right. An actual picnic plate, with our music on it. Release date for that is some ways away but the tape should be out in the next month or two. Also, our split 7'' with Savantes will be out in a few months as well via Viking on Campus Records.
So yes, a lot of scattered brick mower tunes will be disseminated to the world in the upcoming months. Songs in the works for a new album that will just make you wanna get down and make-out. It'll be 27 minutes in heaven for you when this thing hits the shelf. But again, we've gotta write it first.
Okay, goodbye for now. Take care y'all.

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